One Guy with Tools Have the Skills and Equipment to do Any Job You Need!

One Guy with Tools Have the Skills and Equipment to do Any Job You Need!
By: Peter Krivas Last Updated: September 14, 2017

One-Guy-With-Tools-2017-1 When you are looking at your next home repair or remodel project, no matter how large or small, look to the locally owned and operated professionals at One Guy With Tools of Valparaiso. As reviews can attest, their work will be high quality, fast, and comprehensive, and to see all the great work that they’ve done for their customers you can follow them on Facebook.

Whether you need a roof, door or window replacements, bathroom or kitchen remodel, a new deck, stairs, or a remodel of your home or business, One Guy With Tools will be there to see the job done right!

Here are some examples of the work they have done just in the last few months!

Before and After New Front Entry Doors

One-Guy-With-Tools-2017-10 Finishing Touches on Live Edge Shelves

One-Guy-With-Tools-2017-3 New Kitchen Backsplash

One-Guy-With-Tools-2017-2 Bathroom Sink and Toilet Remodel

One-Guy-With-Tools-2017-8 Shower Remodel

One-Guy-With-Tools-2017-9 Restaurant Outdoor Dining Space Remodel

One-Guy-With-Tools-2017-6 Window replacement

One-Guy-With-Tools-2017-5 Make Your Business Accessible with Ramp

One-Guy-With-Tools-2017-4 Shingles Replaced

One-Guy-With-Tools-2017-11 New Deck

One-Guy-With-Tools-2017-12 One Guy With Tools is a licensed, bonded and insured home-repair and remodel company that prides themselves on their efficiency and professionalism, and don’t take their cleanliness for granted. One Guy With Tools also charges by the hour, so customers only have to worry about paying them for the work they do. Call them for a free estimate today at 219-405-4803 or visit: for more information!

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