1,000 Adoptions and Counting at Lakeshore PAWS

Lakeshore-Paws-BodhiThat is right, we hit the 1,000 mark last month in just a little more than three years in operation. I personally want to thank you for making this possible. There was a huge need for an organization like Lakeshore PAWS, otherwise, we would have adopted out just 100 dogs a year, which was our original goal. Instead we are saving a dog a day and giving them a second chance on life. By increasing adoptions, we are able to save more dogs from being euthanized or from spending much of their lives in small kennels. This would not be possible without you!

Right now, your help is needed more than ever. I encourage you to do whatever you can to help us save more lives. We can use more volunteers at the adoption center to help with greeting people, completing paperwork, cleaning or walking dogs. We also have implemented a “Sponsor a Kennel” program where you can actually sponsor to help a dog while they are in our care. Any help that you can give would be appreciated! If you are interested, please fill out a volunteer or foster application, or contact our office.

Latest News

Where does Lakeshore PAWS find its dogs?
Ashley Hill and Jen Ellingen climb into the aging blue Lakeshore PAWS van at least twice a month to set out in search of dogs seeking forever homes. Learn what goes into finding the dogs we offer to you.

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Volunteer of the Month
Karen Messler has been a real life saver. She has generously put her photography skills to work to help us make a great first impression with our dogs. She spends a lot of time getting those perfect shots with dogs, who are not always the most cooperative. Thanks much. See Kandids by Karen

Featured Dog
We are all wondering why Supra is still with us. He is a fun, loving and comical 1-year-old terrier mix, who is good with other dogs and house trained. Contact Lakeshore PAWS at 219.476.PAWS (7297) or info@lakeshorePAWS.org. Complete a foster application at www.lakeshorepaws.org/foster-form or adoption survey at www.lakeshorepaws.org/adopt