10 Tips to a More Effective Postcard

flanagins-tips-1Donna Flanagin of Flanagin's Bulk Mail Service is an expert in maintaining a professional, organized business. With her "Free Tips: Take What You Need" series, Donna will share tips and tricks on how to save time and money on your direct mail. Here are ten ways you can make your marketing postcard more effective - take what you need!

1. Have a clear concise headline
State your purpose for this mailing. Stay away from clever sayings that make them guess you will lose their attention.

2. Concentrate on one benefit or offer
Don’t use your mailing to tell them everything you do and offer

3. Reverse side sub-headline that supports your main headline.
On the reverse side, drive home your purpose again in the headline

4. Use a picture that conveys your message
Consumers like pictures.

5. Keep it simple
You will lose their attention if you expect them to read too much. Be direct.

6. Bullet points benefits
It’s okay to list a few compelling reasons they should use your service or product.

7. Build in a trust factor
Add a trust factor like: # years in business, your recent awards, guarantees, etc. Something that lets them know you are legitimate.

8. Call to action
Tell them what they do next. Examples: Bring in this coupon, call for an appointment, Act now offer expires 01/01/17, etc.

9. Bring postcard in for free widget.
Anything, people love FREE stuff.

10. Large and in charge phone number
Don’t make them search for your phone number. Also don’t forget to give your full address, and website. You have already invested in this mailing, you may as well take advantage of offering other ways to contact you.

Which one do you like better?

flanagin-postcard-example-1 flanagin-postcard-example-2