1st Source Bank Bringing Service and Convenience with New Banking Center in Valparaiso

1st-Source-Bank-Bringing-Service-and-Convenience-with-New-Banking-Center-in-ValparaisoRecently, 1st Source Bank announced their exciting plans to build a brand new banking center at the corner of Calumet Avenue and Vale Park Road in Valparaiso. The 1st Source banking center currently on the site will be demolished to allow for construction of the new state-of-the-art office.

“For us, that has always been one of our busiest locations and, given where it is in town, it’s a premier location so maintaining that site and providing a better banking experience there for our customers was very important,” said Matt Vessely, 1st Source Regional President.

“It’s exciting and it’s a huge opportunity for us to better serve our customers,” Vessely said. “It’s going to be happening quickly which we’re also excited about. It’s right around the corner and it’ll be done yet this year. We’re doing everything humanly possible to complete a project like this on that same site while maintaining our customer conveniences nearby.”

Construction of the new banking center is expected to be completed this summer. It will be similar to the 1st Source office at the corner of LaPorte and Sturdy and will feature the bank’s innovative side-by-side banking, in which the traditional teller walls are removed to allow clients to see exactly what the teller sees during their transaction.

“It is an older location that is currently a bit dated,” Vessely said. “The new building design will include side-by-side banking which is something that we’re continuing to expand on in this market. Side-by-side banking is easier and it’s, of course, more customer friendly.”

“The location will have a Business Convenience Center which provides access to business services for our business customers,” Vessely added. “There will also be a kids zone with iPads for kids’ usage during their visits to the bank which is also helpful when we’re interacting with their parents.”

To limit disruption to clients, on January 30, 1st Source is opening a temporary location with walk-in access just south of the current office, at 2500 Calumet. Additionally, the bank is moving its ATM across the street from its current office to provide clients drive-up access to make deposits, withdraw cash and process other transactions.

1st Source clients preferring to use a drive-up are encouraged to visit the bank’s other nearby offices, including Valparaiso Circle, located at 2005 LaPorte Avenue; Valparaiso Downtown, located at 14 Indiana Avenue; and Valparaiso West, located at 2356 West Morthland Drive.

According to Vessely, “1st Source is committed to growing in Valparaiso and we’re excited to open another brand new banking center in the city. This new office will feature many conveniences for our clients and will provide an easier and more enjoyable banking experience.”

Visit 1stsource.com/calumet for more details and for construction updates.

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