1st Source Bank Donates $9,000 to Porter County PACT’s Recovery Connection

1st Source Bank Donates $9,000 to Porter County PACT’s Recovery Connection

Recovery Connection is exactly what it sounds like: A facility that offers connections for those on the road to recovery. The organization is continuously making efforts to connect its participants with the community’s treatment providers, counselors, agencies, and organizations. Recovery Connection's mission is a community effort, and upholds the belief that everyone involved must join together and address issues with those who are in treatment, leaving treatment, or simply need life guidance.

Recovery Connection’s recovery support services are free and funded primarily through donations. They are a program under Prisoners and Community Together (PACT) and are partially funded by them for needs such as building costs.

1st Source Bank, a company known for its generous contributions to the community, is a strong advocate for facilities such as Recovery Connection. The bank recently made a $9,000 donation for the Recovery Connection program under the Porter County PACT. This donation will provide technological supplies such as computers and pay for a part of PACT's complete IT upgrade during their most recent location transition to Don Hovey Drive.

The move was necessary for the growth of the facility and its participants as it provides more access to group rooms, meeting rooms, includes an expanded kitchen, and large parking lot.

“For the work Recovery Connection and their team do, computers are a necessity to monitor, manage, create programming, and connect with the community,” said Matt Vessely, Regional President at 1st Source Bank.

The journey to recovery can stretch the span of a person’s lifetime, which is why treatment is considered apart of the recovery process. The guidance that Recovery Connection supplies its participants can act as a milestone in the process of recovery. When treatment is over, recovery is everlasting.

Prevention, treatment, and recovery, are all included in the continuum of care via the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services that Recovery Connection utilize.

“The overall awareness about treatment through recovery is important. We value what Recovery Connection does in the context of their understanding of the continuum of care, and their ability to connect people,” Vessely said.

“So often when we address addiction, we think of treatment, and that it’s the one answer for addiction. Though treatment is extremely important on the road to recovery, there still needs to be long-term recovery support,” said Megan Johnston, the Coordinator at Recovery Connection.

Johnston is trained as a certified recovery specialist and also trains volunteers to be peer mentors to participants in recovery. This type of mentorship is directed towards one-on-one connections to encourage participants to set goals, plan long-term recovery, and discuss passions. They offer support groups to participants that include Alcoholics & Narcotics Anonymous, ‘Smart Recovery’, and family of the participant support groups.

“If a person comes to us with no idea where to turn to, I can connect them. I can make a phone call and put them on the phone and connect them right then and there,” Johnston said.

Recovery Connection offers basic life training skills such as assisting people with their finances or writing a resume. They also provide pro-social activities that promote the idea that participants can have fun while being sober.

“A group of guys meets regularly twice a month to play Dungeons and Dragons. They love it, and even formed the group themselves,” Johnston said.

1st Source Bank strongly believes in Recovery Connection and hopes their efforts call attention to the process of the continuum of care for anyone in recovery.

“We are all painfully aware of the addiction challenges that face not only our society in general, but particularly Porter County,” Vessely said. “As a culture, we tend to focus on the treatment aspect. With addiction, you can never give up and must stay mindful of the recovery process.”

The support of 1st Source and other contributors allow the community to join together to make a difference by making facilities like Recovery Connection a possible outlet and resource for those who need it. The organization's survival is based on the focus of collaboration and community connections. Without this support, the work and progress Recovery Connection has made and will make could not be possible. If you are interested in the work Recovery Connection does, becoming a volunteer, or want to donate visit http://www.recoveryconnectionpc.org/.