1st Source Bank e-Student Checking Teaches Students About Financial Responsibility and Flexibility

1stSourceeStudentIt's back to school time and that means new classes, new friends and new teachers. This is also the perfect time for students to learn about saving and fiscal responsibility and with assistance from 1st Source Bank's e-student checking account, young students now have a reliable way to start saving responsibly.

“We feel that this is a great way for students to save money and also let them keep track of their finances,” says Manager of Calumet North Banking Center Amy Welkie. “There are a lot of options for students from as young as 16 years old to save their money, access their account from anywhere and start developing a mentality of healthy saving.”

The e-student checking account is open to people ages 16 to 24 and provides options to access the account without the use of traditional paper statements by being entirely paperless. Students can also use the free app or text messaging to find out account information quickly and accurately. For college students who may not have access to a 1st Source ATM, e-student checking allows the use of up to 3 other ATM's per month for up to $15.

Along with flexibility in accessing an account, e-student checking also has no monthly maintenance fees nor does it require a minimum balance.

“We also allow what we call one 'oops' a year for overdrafting. You can make an overdraft and the bank will refund the fee,” says Welkie.

Students can also have access to a Resource ATM card or even a Resource Plus MasterCard debit card, allowing even more flexibility when it comes to spending. Parents or other family members can also have access to the account, allowing them to deposit or transfer funds directly to the account from another 1st Source Account.

“We feel that this account is great for kids because it prepares them for the real world,” says Welkie. “It allows them to learn essential skills like managing a checkbook and responsible saving that are essential for them later on in life. We provide enough freedom and ease of access so it doesn't seem too restrictive while still giving them enough guidelines to instill those important lessons.”

To find out more about 1st Source Bank's e-student checking account, you can check out their website.