1st Source Bank: Experts in Helping Small Business Growth Throughout NWI

1st Source Bank: Experts in Helping Small Business Growth Throughout NWI

Small businesses are the backbone of the American economy. For 1st Source Bank, working with small businesses across Northwest Indiana goes hand-in-hand with their mission to help their clients achieve security, build wealth, and realize their dreams.

“We’re the #1 Small Business Administration (SBA) lender in Porter and La Porte County,” said Matt Vessely, 1st Source Bank Regional President. “We’ve got a great process here and there’s a real commitment to being focused on small businesses as opposed to just larger businesses.”

“As an organization we see small business as the engine of the communities we serve,” Vessely continued. “It’s generally what makes things work in the community. It’s where the employment base is and it’s the driver of our local economy. We’re committed to serving those businesses and then following that through by serving everyone related to the business.”

“We want to talk with employees and owners, we want to work with customers, and we want to continue to be involved in initiatives within the community. We really think that’s the best way to serve our community, to help our business owners and employees achieve their dreams.”

To better help small businesses in each community that 1st Source Bank operates in throughout the region, they have a simplified lending process that works to make securing financing much less complicated.

“We have a streamlined process for small business loans,” Vessely said. “It can be a one-day-turnaround in many situations. It’s an easier process for small businesses and just another sign of our commitment to serving our markets.”

“We utilize a broad range of programs whenever they’re right for our customers. We listen, evaluate, and determine the real need. We’ve got a really experienced team of experts who will sit down and find out what fits best, what’s the best way to deliver it to the customer and then we work through it.”

The SBA proficiency that 1st Source has allows them to serve a broader base of clients that might otherwise not have access to capital.

“It’s a tool that helps us broaden our lending capacity,” Vessely said. “Because we are a Preferred Small Business Administration Lender it’s generally a faster, easier and simpler process. I believe that’s why we’ve been #1 for many years, and we’ll continue to be.”