1st Source Bank Gives Back to the Valparaiso Community

1st-source-gives-back-valpo-2015The season of giving never ends for the employees of 1st Source Bank in Valparaiso. As they remember their work from 2014, they look to 2015 for new opportunities to help and give back to the communities that they call home. Every new year is another chance to serve others and 1st Source Bank makes sure they take advantage of the opportunity.

"I am very proud of the employees here at 1st Source Bank because in the two counties in the Valparaiso region, through the first half of 2014, we had already done 2,242 hours of community service. Not only are we looking to give back in a monetary way but we also give it in a personal way," Vice President and Regional Sales Manager, Jayne Cooper said.

1st-source-valplaysoThroughout the company, employees are encouraged to join community-minded organizations and make a difference in their community. Whether is through the Chamber of Commerce, local United Way, Housing Opportunities, or Opportunity Enterprises, there is almost always someone from their team involved in some capacity. This makes for a company-wide mentality of service and encourages employees to give back to something they are passionate about.

“As a bank in our 151st year, we have a history of service, not only in the urban communities but the rural communities. It is a tradition that we have because we do live in the community and we want it to be a better place that helps everybody. It attracts new business here, bright people with families who want to improve the community, and that’s a big reason we do it. It just makes this area a better place to be,” Regional President, Bob Ax said.

1st-Source-BGC-Check-PresentationOver the past three years, the company has dispersed over $300,000 to different organizations and projects throughout the region. Some of the projects and donations that rounded off 2014 included Project Neighbors, ValPLAYso, Franciscan Alliance, Purdue North Central and Swanson Center. 1st Source is glad to contribute to all of these worthy organizations.

“By being involved in the community, we hear of all the opportunities for us to give back. We hear about these projects that are all very worthy causes and we wish we could support them all, but we choose the ones with the greatest need. We like to meet with the people locally, understand the plan, get behind it, talk with our representatives and say ‘This is going to be a very positive thing for the community and we need to support it,’” Bob Ax said.

All of this generosity and service work has provided the community the chance to see how businesses like 1st Source Bank support, care about where they live and the working conditions of the community. With so much support, these communities continue to strive and make improvements that benefit all.

“There really is a lot of need out there in Porter County. When we are able to help in those groups and agencies, it is really important. I like seeing the results of the things we do and things that happen from it,” explained Ax.

With a company-wide initiative to give back, 2015 is sure to be as rewarding and successful as 2014. A new year means new opportunities and 1st Source Bank of Valparaiso is always looking for those opportunities to make the community a better place to live.