1st Source Bank Hosts Kiwanis Club “Friend-raiser”

1st-source-kiwanis-club-2014-oneGroup members of Chesterton - Duneland Kiwanis got together on Saturday night to celebrate the great work they have been doing as an organization.

This gathering, sponsored by 1st Source Bank, was held at Third Coast Spice Cafe in Chesterton. Members got together for their fifth annual prime rib dinner to enjoy good food and friends.

1st-source-kiwanis-club-2014-two“Tonight is what we call a ‘friend-raiser,’ We all come together and can see our friends, as well as make new ones.” said President, Joe Juarez.

Kiwanis Club is about making a difference in the community, and through fundraisers, the members at Chesterton - Duneland Kiwanis Club collect donations that go to groups such as: Westchester Food Pantry, Duneland YMCA, Duneland Boys and Girls Club, Chesterton & Porter K-9 Program, Riley Children’s Hospital, among many more.

Juarez expressed some of the goals and activities of the organization, as well as some of the current places donations are accepted.

“We are a service organization, so we conduct fundraisers all year and then we distribute the money to different charities. We do a lot for local charities as well as some at the state level, like Riley’s Children Hospital. We also do international projects such as The Eliminate Project, which works to eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus.” said Juarez.

Members of Third Spice Coast Cafe helped cook, serve, and enjoy the delicious food provided. Owner of Third Coast Spice Cafe, and member of Kiwanis Club, David Wodrich, shared how he started in the organization.

“I have been catering for the Kiwanis club for almost five years. So, about five years ago they we were at a meeting talking about fundraisers and I offered to do a prime rib dinner.” said Wodrich.

Kiwanis Club helps out of lot of people in need, and Wodrich also shared a personal story on what being part of the Club means to him.

1st-source-kiwanis-club-2014-three“I just like helping the club because they do all of these great things for the community and for Riley’s Children's Hospital. It hits home to me because my daughter was at the Children’s Hospital and we had a benefit done for my family, and so I just want to give back to the community that was there for us,” said Wodrich.

With all the work they do for the community, a prime rib dinner is a great way for club members to relax, visit with friends and celebrate their efforts over a tasty meal. Interested in becoming a part of this great organization? The Kiwanis Club meets Fridays from noon to 1 p.m. at the Chesterton Library Service Center. Enjoy a lunch catered by Third Coast Spice Cafe, and more information on community meetings and programs.

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