1st Source Bank, Portage Chamber Celebrate Milestone at September Midweek Mingle

1st-source-bank-portage-chamber-sept-2015-1Portage Chamber of Commerce members and friends of 1st Source Bank gathered on Wednesday, September 23, 2015 not only connect during the monthly Midweek Mingle networking event, but also to celebrate the two-year anniversary of the completion of the massive remodel done to the Central Ave. branch of 1st Source Bank.

The remodel was made in concert with 1st Source Bank’s shift to ‘side-by-side banking,’ a more personal, attentive approach to working with clients.

1st-source-bank-portage-chamber-sept-2015-2"This is a celebration, it marks the two-year retro-fitting of this office," explained Matt Vessely, 1st Source Bank Regional President said. "We want to celebrate this great improvement with the business community and it’s a great chance to highlight what we've done."

James Seitz, President of 1st Source Bank pointed to the open, family-oriented layout of the office that allows 1st Source Bank’s team to work with the clients more closely.

1st-source-bank-portage-chamber-sept-2015-3"We're all in this to make sure we're working to make the community a better place and work, some of that [improvement] comes with growth," explained Seitz. "We're really dependent on the communities we serve, and to be frank, we're a reflection on those communities."

Jesus Cervera, Assistant Vice President of Portage’s 1st Source Bank, loved the opportunity to host the Portage business community on his branch’s special day.

"We're making it more personal, where you're able to spread your work out, and it's more one-on-one," said Cervera. "Basically, all we kept was the walls, everything else is gone. Everything else we build or remodel is to encourage side-by-side banking."

The Portage Chamber’s Midweek Mingle events give members and their friends a unique opportunity to connect in a relaxed networking atmosphere once each month. The event also gives the chamber an opportunity to connect restaurants and businesses by working together to coordinate catering services with local businesses.

"This is a great opportunity for not only restaurants to host Midweek Mingles, but we can also have businesses host these events," said Nancy Simpson, Office Manager with the Portage Chamber. "It's almost a Business After Hours and it opens this type of event to more than just restaurants."

This afternoon’s food was provided by Cappo’s Casual Dining and drinks were provided by Clancy’s Public House. A special thanks goes to the Portage High School MCJROTC cadets, who were on hand to present colors ahead of the event.

For more information on the Portage Chamber’s Midweek Mingle, click here. For more information on the services provided by 1st Source Bank, click here.