1st Source Bank’s New ‘Side-By-Side Scooter’ Hits the Road

1st Source Bank’s New ‘Side-By-Side Scooter’ Hits the Road

Last year, 1st Source Bank incorporated the practice of side-by-side banking at their newest Valparaiso location which followed in the footsteps of their Portage Central Office where the practice has been in place since 2013. There’s no longer a teller line separating the client from their banker. Instead they’re right up there at a pod, side-by-side next to their banker seeing the screen and all their information.

This got 1st Source Bank thinking about ways that they could grab people's attention while promoting this new style of banking.

“When we moved more and more in that direction and we wanted to reinforce the message of ‘Beside You All the Way,’ we thought what better way than to get a scooter and a sidecar?!” said Angie Dvorak, 1st Source Bank’s Assistant Vice President. “So that’s how it came about. First it was just an idea that was passed around a bit and then last year we worked out a way to get them.”

The 1st Source scooter and sidecar is the famous Stella model from Chicago-based Genuine Scooter Company.

“We have two of them actually,” said Dvorak. “We keep one of them over in the Fort Wayne area and the other one we’ll have in the South Bend, Valparaiso area.”

“We’ve only had it at one event in Valparaiso so far but the parade season is coming up here soon. At this point, we had it out earlier at a Business After Hours event we held at our Valparaiso Circle Office. We had it out there so as people were coming and going they could see it. It’s a big conversation piece.”

The scooter and sidecar were brand new when 1st Source acquired them last year. They ordered the scooter in creme then had them painted in the 1st Source, terracotta orange colors and added decals to transform it into the newly designed 1st Source Bank Side-by-Side Scooter.

Coming up this summer, the 1st Source Bank Side-By-Side Scooter can be found at the Popcorn Festival in Valparaiso, Hebron’s July 4th Parade, the Kouts Pork Fest Parade as well as other events throughout the region.

“I’ve ridden in it and I can tell you it’s a lot of fun,” Dvorak said. “You certainly get a lot of looks when you have them out on the road. I know the first day that we got them we had people driving by and looking at it. First of all they’re seeing a scooter and sidecar but then especially in our terracotta orange colors.”

Be on the lookout this summer for the 1st Source Bank Side-By-Side Scooter coming to a festival or event near you!