1st Source Bank’s Valparaiso Region President Matt Vessely is Committed to His Job and Community

MattVessely1st Source Bank Regional President of the Valparaiso Region Matt Vessely wants to make a positive difference in everything he does. From his home life to his career and community, Vessely hopes that his desire to help others and make a difference can affect as many people as possible.

Vessely, a native of North Judson previously worked at First National Bank of Valparaiso and most recently moved from Fishers, Indiana working at Huntington Bank in Indianapolis, back to Valparaiso.

“I was working in Indianapolis and was offered the opportunity to work for 1st Source Bank in Valparaiso,” says Vessely. “The Valparaiso Regional President was retiring and I was brought in to fill in that role and leverage my banking experience along with my previous connections to the community.”

Coincidently, Vessely would find himself back at the same building he previously worked at during his time at First National Bank of Valparaiso before they were purchased by 1st Source.

“I felt that 1st Source was a great fit for me,” says Vessely. "The culture of the organization resonated with my personal style, personal values and commitment to the community.”

One of the largest perks Vessely gets from working at 1st Source is getting the opportunity to help out other clients from throughout the community who come to the bank for help and assistance.

“People aren't always aware of what banks do beyond the financial realm," says Vessely. "While financial matters are important, a bank's success is in large part a reflection of the success of the community. At 1st Source we understand that, and we consistently strive to have a positive impact on our community-living our mission to help individuals, institutions, businesses and communities achieve security, build wealth and realize dreams."

Vessely credits the employees that work at 1st Source Bank as people who understand this core concept and people who also have the drive and desire to help their community.

“Everyone takes pride and pleasure in helping and serving others, myself included,” says Vessely. “At the heart of everything, helping others in the community is at the core of what I do.”

Vessely, along with his wife and children greatly enjoys the Valparaiso community and feels that it’s a great community for everyone to live and work in.

“Valparaiso is an outstanding community for myself and my family,” says Vessely. “When I’m not working I’m spending all of my time with them, getting involved in their lives and as a result, becoming even more involved and invested in the community.”

Vessely hopes to continue his time helping those in the community both through 1st Source and through his involvement in the community.

"For me, being involved and making a difference for others through service is the recipe for success both personally and professionally."