1st Source Bank Welcomes Jerry Del Real as Manager of Portage Central Banking Center

1st Source Bank Welcomes Jerry Del Real as Manager of Portage Central Banking Center
By: Andrew Rowe Last Updated: December 6, 2016

Jerry Del Real recently became Branch Manager at 1st Source Bank’s Portage Central Banking Center after moving over from 1st Source’s Valparaiso Circle Banking Center. Del Real, who’s originally from Los Angeles, California, brings a broad range of experience in the banking industry with him as he makes the change to the Portage community.

“I’ve been in banking going on 10 years,” said Del Real. “I’ve always liked banking and it’s something that I’m really passionate about. It allows you to assist clients to realize their dreams throughout different stages of their life whether it be their first account, their first home or their retirement.”

Del Real got into banking while living in Chicago before ultimately ending up in Northwest Indiana.

“I have some family members in the industry and speaking with them, and seeing how successful they had been, I decided that it was something that I wanted to pursue,” Del Real said.

Portage's Central Banking Center introduced their side-by-side banking, something Del Real has valuable experience with after the side-by-side banking was added to the Valpo Circle Banking Center late last year.

“Most recently, I managed our newer side-by-side location in Valparaiso that opened up in November of 2015,” Del Real said. “Valpo Circle was our first complete new build in Porter County and it continued our integration of our new side-by-side banking.”

“The side-by-side concept is something that I truly enjoy. There’s a new, sleek design that’s very clean and it eliminates all of the barriers between the bankers and their clients. It allows them to work much closer together. By us taking away the whole hidden concept of what’s happening on that screen, it makes the customer feel more comfortable and at ease, while being beside them all the way.”

1st Source Bank is very community-minded in the cities and towns in which they operate in and, for Del Real, that’s been one of the highlights of working for the company.

“We’re headquartered out of South Bend so we really have a local presence,” Del Real noted. “We’re very involved with the community and we’re always trying to find ways that we can continue to grow and develop businesses and individuals within the community. It’s nice to work for an organization that cares so much about the community.”

In speaking about working in the banking industry, Del Real said, “it’s very rewarding when you have a client who’s maybe a first-time home buyer, a new business owner or even new to banking” It starts by building that relationship with the client , one of the main things we do here is to give our clients straight talk and sound advice, while keeping their best interests in mind.”

“It’s nice just getting to know our clients, seeing what their plans and goals are, and seeing how we can help them attain those goals. It’s very rewarding.”

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