#1StudentNWI: A Brilliant Beginning at Boone Grove High School

#1StudentNWI: A Brilliant Beginning at Boone Grove High School

Academics: SRT

Along with a new school year comes a fresh start. On August 19th, 2015 the halls of Boone Grove High School were filled with some new and familiar faces. The excitement could be heard throughout the halls, as students rushed to each class with their brand new school supplies. Along with this excitement comes responsibility. Boone Grove High School has added an 8th hour to their schedule called Student Resource Time (SRT). During this hour, students are encouraged to do homework, meet with teachers, or attend class meetings. These extra thirty minutes give students a head start on homework or help that is needed.


Let me just start off by saying get the app! Schoology is the new application in which Boone Grove High School is using for all of it's courses and resources. This amazing new app allows students to view their courses, homework schedule, news, and much more. Each student has his or her own personal account, where they can view and upload assignments, send teachers messages, and view class presentations. During our monthly online days, all homework will be posted and submitted here.

Athletics: News

Not only is it the beginning of the school year, but additionally, the beginning of fall sports! All summer long Boone Grove's fall sports teams have been visibly working. They've spent countless hours preparing for the 2015-2016 fall sports to begin. Not only have our sports teams been putting in many hours of hard work but our new athletic director, Mr. James Rosinia, has dedicated much of his time aiding the Boone Grove coaching staff and athletes. Not only has Mr. Rosinia been helping the coaching staff and the athletes, he has also been reaching out to the Boone Grove student body. Every home game Mr. Rosinia will have contests on who will win "best photo." Whoever takes the best photo/video has the chance to win a prize, ranging anywhere from a free Boone Grove t-shirt to a large pizza from Pizza Hut! If you would like to receive live tweets on Boone Grove athletics or have the chance to win a prize for attending a game follow @MrRosinia on Twitter.

BooneGrooveWelcomeBackAugust2Upcoming Games:

Varsity Boys soccer

Tuesday 09-01-15 Boone vs. Hebron @ Hebron MS/HS 4:30pm

Thursday 09-03-15 Boone vs. Morgan Township @ Morgan Township 4:15 pm

Varsity Girls soccer

Tuesday 09-01-15 Boone Grove vs. Bishop Noll @ Boone 5:00 pm

Wednesday 09-02-15 Boone vs. Hebron @ Hebron 4:30 pm

Boys Varsity Volleyball

Tuesday 09-01-15 Boone Grove vs. Hebron @ Boone Grove 6:00 pm

Thursday 09-03-15 Boone Grove vs. Kouts @ Boone Grove 6:00 pm

Girls Varsity Volleyball

Tuesday 09-01-15 Boone Grove vs. Bishop Noll @ Bishop Noll 7:00 pm

Wednesday 09-02-15 Boone Grove vs. Wheeler @ Wheeler 6:30 pm

Varsity Football

Friday 09-04-15 Boone Grove vs. Whiting @ Whiting 7:00 pm

Varsity Coed Cross Country

Wednesday 09-02-15 PCC RR vs Kouts/LaCrosse @ Boone Grove 5:00pm

BooneGrooveWelcomeBackAugust3New Teacher Shout Outs: Mr. Isch

Mr. Isch attended Purdue University, "The best place on Earth." He is currently teaching Physics and Chemistry. Mr. Isch really likes the students because they are really interested in learning, which makes teaching a joy. If he could teach a different class it would be Psychology. Mr. Isch's least favorite class would have to be underwater basket weaving.

"I’m not the biggest fan of underwater basketweaving classes. I have a hard time with the breath holding."

Ms. Mikulich

Ms. Mikulich attended B.S. in Education and M.S. in Education at Indiana University Northwest. She is currently teaching Integrated Chemistry-Physics at Boone Grove High School.

"Boone Grove is small, everyone is nice, I love the school's colors and mascot, my classroom and how the other science rooms are right next to each other."

Ms. Mikulich favorite high school memories were in Portage High School science classes!

"We really didn't have science at St. Bridget School, so at first it was a struggle but I fell in love with science. I took Biology I, Chemistry I, Biology II, and Physics I. I was one of three girls allow to take physics after a big debate with my counselor."

Ms. Mikulich loves the geosciences: geology, meteorology, oceanography, and astronomy.

"I'm always up for looking for and at rocks, minerals, and fossils."

Mr. Trapana

Mr. Trapana graduated from Ball State University and is currently teaching Personal Finance, Introduction to Business, and Yearbook.

"There are a lot of things to like about Boone Grove. It seems like the students do a great job of balancing academics and extracurricular activities. The staff here has been awesome. Just like being the new student in school, being the new teacher has its own set of challenges as well and both the students and staff have made my transition great."

Mr. Trapana didn't have one specific memory, however, he had many memories that center around the people who helped to make his high school experience a great one: friends, teachers, coaches, and teammates.

"I think they all had a hand in guiding and shaping me into who I would and have become as a person, teacher and coach." If Mr. Trapana had to teach a different class he thinks it would be U.S. History. "I have always been interested in that subject and I think you have to teach things you are passionate about."

Mr. Willis

Mr. Willis attended Herron School of Art and Design (IU's art school). He is currently teaching Intro to 2D Art, Drawing 1, and Painting 1.

"I really like the small size of the school. My high school graduating class has over 1,000 students in it, so I definitely appreciate the size of BGHS!"

Mr. Willis enjoyed going to Football games with friends and taking art classes. If he had to teach another class, it would be English. Mr. Willis' least favorite subject is math (mainly calc) but he likes Geometry.