#1StudentNWI: All Ready for Sports at Boone Groove High School


Last year Boone Grove High School hosted the Boys’ Soccer Sectional Tournament. The location for the next host school was determined this year; being that it was an Indiana High School Athletic Association Two-Year Classification Year. It has been determined that Boone Grove High School will host the boys' soccer sectional for another two years. Boone Grove High School is excited to utilize their new soccer facility this year!


Last year the Boone Grove Boys' varsity basketball coach, Matt McKay, reached his five hundredth game mark along with his three hundredth win. Along with all of Matt Mckay's accomplishments Boone Grove had some of their own, Boone Grove received the Sportsmanship award from the NWI Sportsmanship Committee. Boone Grove's Kyle Kaminski, Isaac Mioduski, Dan Gholston, and Alec Schutkovske received a five-hundred dollar college scholarship in return. Boone Grove hosted the 2015 Boys' Porter County Conference tournament, the girls' Porter County Conference Championship game, and also the girls' basketball sectionals. Boone Grove is looking forward to hosting many more tournaments within the future.

Boys' Golf

Last year's 2015 golf season ended very well. The boys' season results: Porter County Conference tournament champions, Boone Grove invite champions, and third place within their sectional tournament. Boone Grove's senior golfer, Thomas Schroeder, is looking forward to his senior year as a golfer and plans on attending regionals two years in a row!


Boone Grove is excited for their upcoming volleyball season, they are off to a fresh start with new varsity coaches Phillip McKelvey and Patty Sparks. The varsity girls have been working with Patty all summer long and are excited to get out on the courts and put their hard work to the test. The Boone Grove Girls' official volleyball practices begin August third. Their first game, on August 18th, will be held at Boone Grove High School at 7pm.

Athletic Department

Boone Grove's athletic director, Kerrie Schludecker, has been approved by the Indiana High School Athletic Association Executive Committee as an assistant commissioner. Kerry will be administering volleyball, girls and boys swimming, and softball. Boone Grove has received at least thirty applicants for their athletic directing position. The new athletic director will be selected Thursday, August thirteenth at the Boone Grove School Board meeting.