#1StudentNWI: Awesome Start to A New Year at VHS

Since the beginning of summer, our female Viking athletes have been working hard in an effort to have an amazing season. And they’ve done JUST that. From the first game against La Porte until now, the Junior Varsity team has scored over 50 goals, with only one goal made against them.

Claire Brogan, a freshman at VHS says, “Our soccer team works really well together. My favorite part is that once we step on the soccer field, we support each other no matter what. If I make a mistake, I know that someone else has my back. We listen to each other, and I am so glad to be a part of such an amazing team this year. I can’t wait to see what we can accomplish the rest of this season.”

Congratulations Lady Vikings and good luck for the rest of this year!

Freshman elections

When incoming middle schoolers enter the halls of VHS for the first time, they are told constantly to carve out their niche. For some, it may take longer than others, but a few lucky students have already found where they belong: Student Council.

Last week, the freshman body held elections and after some serious competition, the results were in. Alex Clanton won the role of president, Sammie Constantine as vice president, Ellie Bezotte as secretary, and Alicia Kleckner as treasurer.

Ellie, whose hobbies include drawing, writing, theater, as well as volunteering, says, “I love Student Council because it’s amazing to have the opportunity to help out with your community and make your school a better place.”

Alex’s main goal for the year is to raise $5000 for St. Baldricks, and I think that with a little hard work, dedication, and positivity, that will certainly happen!

New Clubs

SOS: At the beginning of this year, cheer co-captains Rachel Reilly and Brittany Brice decided to make a difference off the field. Together, they founded the club ‘Support Our Soldiers’ in an effort to give back to the men and women in our community and around the nation who protect us. Each month, they hope to get together with committed students to write letters, make care packages, and let our troops know just how much VHS cares. So far, they have seen immense success in the amount of interest shown by fellow peers, and from here, they can only grow bigger.

Alongside a club dedicated to aiding people internationally, we have a new club dedicated to getting to KNOW people internationally. Lizzie Bell, Shannon Hahn, and Megan Rahn recently began the ‘pen pal club’.

"Our main plan is to set everyone up with a pen pal from Peru, Spain, Germany, and France and make sure they write to each other on a regular basis, says Lizzie, "At the end of the year, we are planning on having an event where we can all share what we learned about the other cultures."

Initially, the idea began as a way for the three girls to practice their Spanish skills, but after realizing that others might have fun with it too, they made it into something big, and I'm glad they did!:)

Student S/O

If I were to ask you to name someone who is compassionate, kindhearted, generous, hardworking, and an inspiration, could you? While it might be difficult to find a person who fits all of those characteristics. But one person, who I've had the pleasure of knowing, does, and that person is Isabel Uzelac.

Isabel started a nonprofit organization called Educational Helpers almost a decade ago, and since then, she has become immensely successful. Just last month, Isabel hosted a fashion show at Avalon Manor to support her organization and last week, Five Guys of Valparaiso held a fundraiser in her support.

Uzelac explains, "When I was 7, I wanted to find a way I could help the community, so I started raising money to supply kids throughout our area with the proper school supplies they needed to start the school year off right."

When asked about her plans for the future, she says, "I want Educational Helpers to be able to grow and help kids throughout, not only Indiana but the whole country. I want to continue to inspire kids to make a difference."

A junior at VHS, Isabel is a role model to many. She is dedicated to not only expanding her company but being successful in her many, MANY AP courses, as well as Team Lead. Isabel aspires to attend Notre Dame and then medical school, and I can truthfully say that her ambition and persistence will not disappoint.

Thank you for doing such awesome things Iz. Stay #RAD!