#1StudentNWI: Colorful Messages and Colorful People at Kouts High School

Poetry Pick-Me-Ups

Finals are creeping around the corner and has everybody, it seems, in a rather gloomy mood. The 10th and 12th grade English teacher, Elizabeth Chatwell, commented about how she wished someone would lighten up the hallways. The AP literature students ran with this idea. They started with sidewalk chalk decorations and eventually hung QR codes up in both the high school and middle school with poetry on each code. The students planned out days on a secret calendar deciding when and what they were going to do. It was no surprise when the moods of students and even teachers began to change at the AP student’s efforts to spread a little happiness through not only poetry, but also creativity.

NHS Hosts Senior Bingo Night

B39, N5, I65. “Bingo!” The National Honor Society hosted their annual Senior Bingo Night at Kouts High School on April 17th. Students called games and took care of the guests- providing them with a variety of homemade treats, snacks, and drinks. They even gave out special bingo prizes like candles and little knick-knacks. With an outcome of almost thirty patrons, the students and the bingo connoisseurs would call this Senior Bingo Night a great success!

Tri-County High School Art Exhibition

“Why fit in when you were born to stand out?” (Dr. Seuss). And stand out is exactly what these Kouts students did. In honor of their fantastic art abilities, Elizabeth Biggs, Amber Rardin, Bella Wireman, Lauren Dowdy, Kevin Stewart, Madyson Evans, Faith Crowley, and Rylleigh Cadwell were chosen specifically to debut their art at the Tri-County Art Exhibition. While showing off their fabulous pieces, these artists also had the privilege of spending the day of May 6th viewing other pieces of art as well.

Teacher Appreciation Week

Teachers are the base of our knowledge. What would we accomplish without a guiding hand to lead us down the right path? In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, Kouts went all out! Starting with special treats in the mailboxes, adding a little teacher breakfast, sprinkling in a cookout by the principal, Tom Stoner, and ending with a daily raffle for a Kouts blanket! Thanks to all the teachers who’ve guided us along the way! Hope you had a fantastic week!

Spring Concert

This year’s Kouts Spring Concert included a wide variety of music that anyone who loves music could enjoy. Beginning with the Band composing songs like The Seal Lullaby by Erik Whitacre, and Joy Revisited by Frank Ticheli. Then, followed by the Jazz Band that did amazing at playing pieces like In the Mood by Jerry Nawak and No Deposit No Return by Kris Berg. Next, was the Women’s Ensemble that sung pieces such as For Good from Wicked, and Thank you by Jay Althouse. Then, the Kouts Singers group sang us through the times with Here Comes the Sun arranged by Alan Bilingsley and There’s A Place for Us arranged by Mac Huff. Finally, ending the night was the Choir singing such pieces as Dirait-ton, a French piece by Morten Laurdisen, and a classic, The Middle by Jimmy Eat World.

1st Kouts Invite

Kouts hosted their first invite Saturday May 2nd. Congratulations to the following Fillies. Sydnee Hill placed first in high jump, Emma Tharp placed second in pole vault, Kayla Moyer placed third in the 100, and Gabby Rogers placed second in the 400. Also, congratulations to the 1600 relay team of Gabby Rogers, Sydnee Hill, Kayla Moyer, and Ryleigh Cadwell for placing third.

Congratulations to the following Mustangs. Alex Sanders placed second in pole vault, Hunter Schultz placed third in the 400, Grant Hamstra placed third in the 800, and Jake Stewart placed second in high jump. Congratulations to the 3200 relay team of Jay Heinold, Dillan Matthes, Alex Sanders, and Grant Hamstra. Also, congrats to the 1600 relay team of Todd Fox, Drew Saulsgiver, Doug Satoski, and Hunter Schultz for placing third.

A Duo of Student Shout-outs:

The first student shout out is to Elizabeth Biggs who takes art to another level. Her beautiful watercolor painting received much praise at the Tri-County Art Exhibition where it earned an Honorable mention. Congratulations goes out to Elizabeth Biggs and her amazing artistic ability.

The second student shout out goes out to Emma Tharp who broke the high school record for pole vault. Relentless, Emma practiced and practiced until she broke the middle school record last year in pole vault. Determined, Emma pushed even harder at practice this year until she finally did it. 9 feet in the air and seconds later Emma had broken the Kouts high school record in pole vault. Congratulations goes out to Emma Tharp.

Teacher Shout-out

This month’s teacher shout-out goes to a teacher who’s dedicated over twenty-five years to teaching and has decided this will be her final year. A teacher who’s spent seventeen of those twenty-five years teaching at Kouts. A teacher whose trained and taught in subjects such as English, Art, and even History. This month’s teacher shout-out is Kathy Zaber.

Ms. Zaber comes from a family of teachers but dabbled in a lot of other career choices before finally deciding teaching was meant for her.

“Teaching is considered a real, true profession…” She commented.

After retirement, Ms. Zaber plans to spend her time in a more creative environment. She hopes to busy her day with interior designing, creating artistic designs for furniture, and caring for a new puppy.

Ms. Zaber’s favorite thing about Kouts was the smallness. Before coming to Indiana, she had sent applications to several areas in the Porter County area, hoping to teach somewhere small. After a year, Kouts contacted Ms. Zaber and she accepted. The smallness came with many benefits, too, like being able to meet and teach all the kids in a family.

This was another thing Mrs. Zaber liked the most. She also enjoyed getting to know all the kids really well, knowing everyone one a personal level. Students weren’t considered just another number like in bigger schools. Another thing Ms. Zaber also liked was the faculty. They all know each other well and actually take the time to converse and give advice when trying to help a student.

Some wisdom Ms. Zaber hopes to leave behind at Kouts is summarized in a few quotes.

“Always have a sense of humor.”, “You get out of your education what you put into it.” and “Some kids are so focused on grades. They let it stress them out. For example, if you don’t make it into the college you want… you’ll get into another one. Don’t worry.”

Ms. Zaber will be missed deeply by the students and the faculty at Kouts. She’s touched a lot of our hearts, brought us a lot of wisdom, and good memories. We hope she enjoys a lovely retirement.

“She can do all kinds of things- not just one type of subject...she’s a really talented person...she can help you with anything. I love Zabe, she’s my favorite teacher.” -Emmalee Deardurff

“She was a really good teacher...she inspired a lot of people. She’s pretty chill, too.”- Gabe Conway

“I love how straight-forward and blunt she is...she has like the prettiest smile ever.”-Victoria Cross

“She’s a really great teacher.”- Amanda Gardin

“Ms. Zaber is intelligent, well-versed, and caring. In her class was the first time I had my beliefs challenged by a well-stated, well supported, contradicting set of beliefs...In our many conversations in SRT and World History is when I got the impression that she was a real Renaissance woman...She can speak Russian, has an extensive knowledge of history, was an artist, and sometimes had down-right practical advice... She actually cared about what I had to say, and checked on how I was after my back surgery. She was a wonderful person to have met, and I wish her the very best in retirement.” - Andy Bocknicka

“I will miss it...miss the kids...I’m not gonna miss getting up at five every morning, though,” said Zaber.