#1StudentNWI: Ending the Year with a Bang at Valpo High School!

By: Malika Saxena Last Updated: June 11, 2015

2015ValpoHSEndofYear1Ending the year with a bang!

As the year dwindles to an end, there are lots of things that students look forward to: summer, graduation parties, vacations… and at VHS, the Alliance of Students Against Poverty benefit concert. On Friday May 29th, this spectacular event was held at Valpo Velvet where talented singers and bands came together to make a difference.

Olivia Gebhardt, a member of ASAP, says, “I think sometimes, especially for teenagers, it can be hard to feel as if you are making a difference, but ASAP is such a fun and easy way to contribute to such a great cause.”

Emily Poncher says, “I had an awesome time because I was with good friends listening to great music! It made me so proud that a club from our high school was doing such a great thing for our community. The event also showed the amount of talent the students of Valparaiso High School possess.”

At the fifth annual concert, ASAP raised $3200 in order to help those in need at Hilltop House, and the pouring rain didn’t stop anyone from having an amazing time. We can’t wait until next year’s performance and another chance to #MAKEMUSICFIGHTPOVERTY

2015ValpoHSEndofYear2Varsity singers take our breath away

Alongside singing for a charitable cause here at VHS, we had an amazing outcome when students danced and sang to display their passion. The show was bittersweet, as a number of students in the “glee club” would be graduating, but that made it all the more special.

“Although it was sad to see the seniors go, I loved them all. We all worked our tails off to be the best we could and it showed. As we left the stage, we were instantly congratulated by everyone. It was just an amazing experience,” says member Ryan Miles.

Carli Meihofer, a graduating senior, talks about her experience with the group: “Varsity singers is more than just singing and dancing. It’s a family. We spend so much time together that we all become so close. I think that’s the biggest reason we have success. We love being on stage and performing together. I couldn’t have asked for a better three years of varsity singers.”

During the midst of a hectic week of finals, students gathered to watch these very talented varsity singers put on a performance, and I can personally say, we were not disappointed.

2015ValpoHSEndofYear3Senior Royalties

When the end of the year approaches, no one is more excited than, of course, the seniors. Before beginning their journeys into adulthood, there is one thing at VHS that stays with them forever: senior royalties!!!!! At our high school, students decide amongst their peers the winners of certain “royalties.” These honors include: best hair, best smile, biggest flirt, best dressed, best musical talent, awesome artist, class clown, amazing athlete, biggest hipster, most likely to become VHS teacher, most likely to never return to Valpo, most likely to brighten someone’s day, drama king/queen, most memorable laugh, most likely to succeed, most involved, best twitter feed, worst driver, most likely to date a celebrity, most likely to change their major 20 times, most likely to take over the world, worst senioritis, best car, best bromance, best friends forever, biggest suck-up, most likely to show up late for graduation, most likely to be incarcerated in a foreign country, most likely to not know what “incarcerated” means, perfect couple that never dated, cutest couple, beautiful EYE, most absent, and best impressionist. Granted, yes, some of these are very out-of-this-world funny, they are how we will remember our classmates, and some of them are very, VERY accurate.


In today’s world, it’s hard to find someone who is compassionate, loving, caring, kind, generous, smart, and genuine ALL IN ONE. Well, Valparaiso has the pleasure of being the home of the incredible Archita Vohra. Nominated for most likely to brighten someone’s day, the title fits well. Archita has such a big heart and is one of the most soft-spoken people that I and many others have the pleasure of knowing. She was a member of Speech and Debate, National Honor Society, and Team LEAD, as well as the Spanish Club president and a volunteer at the Porter County Hospital. Archita, all throughout high school, never gave up. No matter how stressed she was about school or her abundance of activities, she would always put time for others. She is the kind of person who people WANT to be around, not only because she is absolutely STUNNING inside and out, but because of her ability to make EVERYONE feel important. Archita will be heading to Indiana University this fall as a biology major on her route to become a doctor, and no one is doubtful of her drive to be the best she can be.

Your smile will surely be missed in the halls of VHS, but GOOD LUCK ARCHITA; you will make us proud!!