#1StudentNWI: Fun Fall Time at Valpo High School

By: Malika Saxena Last Updated: October 20, 2015


On October 3rd, the Valparaiso High School girls' cross country teams participated in the Duneland Athletic Conference and did absolutely amazing, getting 3rd place. As a result of months of twice-a-day, difficult conditioning and a lot of hard work, nearly half the team ran their PR’s. (personal record)

Logan Ferngren, a sophomore, says that the relationship within all the runners is what has allowed them to be so successful.

“We are like a family more than we are teammates. Even though there is competition between us, we all want each other to do the absolute best we can, and I think that’s necessary for a strong team.”

Everyone at VHS acknowledges the strong bond between the girls. Whether it’s seeing them interact on a day-to-day basis or scrolling through their social media feed, the affinity is certainly noticeable, and it’s exactly what’s going to help them be even more successful in the future:)

Wish the girls good luck as they tackle the regional competition TOMORROW in New Carlisle! (Check out their fab website too: http://www.valpogirlsxc.com/ )

Funnnnn Fall!

When fall comes around, there’s more than just Starbuck’s pumpkin spice lattes, apple-picking, and Halloween that teenagers think about. There’s also...wait for it…… HOMECOMING. While this tradition is usually about welcoming back the alumni of a school, here at VHS, it is also a tradition that hopes to allow for a weekend of 0 stress for students. The pep rally, homecoming game, and homecoming dance allow for three nights of pure fun. Lexi Lahey, the junior class president talks about the crucial role that student council played: “ Seeing our hard work turn into something was the best part.”

At the rally, students not only crowned the teacher homecoming king and queen, but they played games, made puns, and cheered on the VHS football team, all because of StuCo.

“Seeing everyone all dressed up” was Aubry Collins’ favorite part about the weekend. “I like the dance because it’s a different vibe from school. You can just go and talk to anyone, carelessly, because everyone’s enjoying themselves.”

The participation from our school at all three events was amazing, and none of us can wait for next year!

Key Club is growing

Key Club, which is the oldest and largest service program for high school students in America, has had a great start to the new school year, and they have much more planned.

“Our Key Club at VHS is looking to continue the pattern of helping those that need our help. So far, we’ve volunteered for a handful of organizations and we plan to continue this as the year progresses. We are gearing up to work at the upcoming Valparaiso Half Marathon, Turkey Trot, and Winter Lights Festival,” says treasurer Rylee Briel.

Briel, who is only a sophomore, holds the position of Key Club’s lieutenant governor of NWI also. She works with 6 high school Key Clubs in an effort to ensure unity within our district, which is another big goal for the year.

When asked why she’s a part of Key Club and why she wants it to expand, Briel responded, “I help others simply because it brings me joy! Whether it is doing activities with folks at the nursing home or hosting a drive for the animal shelter, I find a sense of comfort in giving back to our community that has done so much for us as individuals.”

Awesome Aaron

Natural Helpers is a program in which young students are anonymously chosen to attend a three-day retreat. Students not only bond but they learn leadership skills and ways in which they can become humble, strong global citizens.

Recently, I was asked to think of someone who can easily put a smile on my face, and it just so happens that the person I thought of is a person who will be going on this retreat. King not only has an immensely witty sense of humor, but he also has a big heart.

In fact, this weekend on VHS’s Natural Helper’s retreat, King is one of the Rainbow Staffers, which means that he is the backbone that will he keep the whole event together. His kindness and generosity are qualities that make him unique. Not a day goes by that he forgets to give a compliment or make someone smile. His characteristics are what make him perfect for being a crucial leader in Natural Helpers. They are what make him… awesome!