#1StudentNWI: Good Causes, Comedy and Foreign Language Fun at Valpo High School


VHS students participated in the End It Movement on February 27th to advocate for the end of human trafficking. Many people, at least young students, are oblivious to the fact that, while we don’t see or hear about slavery in America, it still exists in many countries around the world. Sometimes, looking around at the things that we have, it’s easy for us to forget that, while we have a lot, many people have nothing.

That’s why this social media campaign and fundraiser was so important at our high school. Throughout the day, students spread awareness about major issues regarding human oppression, and it was incredible seeing that teenagers, unlike what the media portrays about high schoolers, DO care and ARE making an impact.


After a week of hard work, tests, and daily high school stress, a Friday night filled with aching amusement is just what many of us students, along with working adults, need as a stress-reliever.

And, well, the annual VHS Mocha Madness didn’t let us down. Just last weekend, our drama department hosted three nights of improv shows, and, needless to say, it was a success. Students of all different grades and talents came together for the sole purpose of making their audience fall out of their seats with laughter.

“What I love most about improv is that each scene is different,” says Victor Peres, one of the incredible comedians in the show. “There’s no way for you to be prepared for what’s to come, and that’s what makes it so exciting, hilarious, and unlike anything else.”

I, along with many wise adults of the world, think that laughter is the key to happiness. And Mocha Madness, in years to come, will continue making people happy.


Most people, in the awkward period of high school, don't know what they're going eat for lunch in 2 hours. And if you ask the age-old, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”-Most will respond with a blank face of utter cluelessness. But the few students involved in DECA-which is an organization dedicated to preparing entrepreneurs for careers in marketing, finance, and management are definitely on the right path to accomplishing their goals.

Last Saturday, the VHS DECA team took part in the state competition in a series of events ranging from business, law, and ethics, to fashion marketing and automotive sales. Over the course of three days, 2000+ students from across Indiana competed, attended various leadership workshops, and heard a motivational speaker, Kevin Wanzer.

"My favorite part was that I met so many incredible people and learned how to be a better leader,” Justin Starns said. “I enjoyed roleplay and assuming the position of an actual business manager, taking part in a real-life business scenario. I would encourage everyone to come see what DECA is all about next year, whether business is something of interest to you or not. The experience is unforgettable."


The Valparaiso High School Science Olympiad team continued to perform well by earning first place overall at the Regional Science Olympiad event held on February 28th. The Vikings won first place in 12 of the 23 events and placed in the top three in 20 of the 23 events.

The team’s first place finishes included: Air Trajectory, Astronomy, Bridge Building, Bungee Drop, Compound Machines, Entomology, Forensics, Fossils, It’s About Time, Mission Possible, Scrambler, and Wright Stuff.

Next up for the Vikings is the state competition hosted by Indiana University at Bloomington on March 21st. GOOD LUCK VIKES!!

Japanese Olympiad

Japanese Olympiad, a language and culture-based organization for Indiana high school students, held its’ state competition on Saturday, February 21st at Purdue University. The competition is a team-based, Jeopardy-like event. Teams of 2 or 3 students compete against each other in a preliminary round and then based on preliminary round scores go to a final round where 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place are determined. The VHS 4th year team of Kayne Hertaus and Sarah LeBarbera finished 2nd in the state, which is a super awesome achievement.


Valparaiso High School's Spanish Club hosted its' annual spring fiesta last month. Students from all grades gathered for a night of delicious food and exhilarating dancing.

"It's so exciting to take a break during the week just to celebrate Spanish culture outside of school,” club president, Archita Vohra says.

Learning and speaking the language during class is so different than engaging in activities that actually help you understand the language.

With home-made, warm, chicken & cheese quesadillas; Spanish desserts; and Zumba, what better way to spend your Wednesday night?