#1StudentNWI: Great Beginnings at Washington Township High School

By: Marissa Brys Last Updated: August 28, 2015

WTBacktoSchool1Day One Down, One-Hundred and Eighty More to Go

It is August and we all know what that means. School is starting and students at WT are prepared for their first day. For lifelong Senators, the excitement of seeing their friends all day is building up inside, but for new students the nerves and anxiousness of a new school are kicking in.

To prepare most students go shopping for new clothes and supplies because they have to make a good first impression of course. For example freshman, Karina Evans, says shopping took her about fifteen minutes. She wants to impress her friends and start this year off fresh. For new students, the first day can be very stressful and nerve-racking. Being at a new school is hard, but it can be even harder playing sports for a new school with new people.

New student Haley Kennedy, who is also a freshman, says, “I was nervous and excited for volleyball. I was nervous because I was playing with new people but excited because I was going to learn new skills. I was super scared of the first day of school because I can from a smaller school.” Haley has excelled in volleyball for WT and has made a good impression on the girls.

Even though she was nervous, all wasn’t bad for Haley. She says, “My first day was actually really good. I am excited for the rest of the year because I have made such good friends.”

Being done with the first day is a giant relief to new students.

The new school year is here, which means the year will fly by. Students and faculty are excited for another great year at WT.

WTBacktoSchool2Starting Off the Year Strong

In the next few weeks, athletes will be starting their sports season with their first few games. Volleyball and soccer games are fast approaching and are a good place for teammates to bond and make new friends along the way.

Senior, Nathan Line says, “I am excited about the fun my teammates and I have at practice and at the games.”

This is Nathan’s last year playing volleyball for WT. However when volleyball ends he has his favorite sport to look forward to basketball.

Volleyball isn’t the only fall sport at WT. There is also soccer and cross country. Junior, Sara Rokosz plays soccer. This is her second year playing. This year Sara hopes her team can pull out a few more wins than last year.

She says, “I am so excited for our first game. The best part about soccer is the group of girls who play. We aren’t just a team, we are a family.”

There is a lot of Senator Pride among the students at WT. Most students support all sports teams and show their pride in the stands.

WTBacktoSchool3Morgan Bullington Glides Through Her First Day

The first day of school is stressful enough, but it is especially for a freshman. New classes, new teachers, more homework, oh my!

However everyone is a freshman once in their life so there is no avoiding it.

Freshman, Morgan Bullington says, “The biggest difference between middle school and high school at WT is that in high school you have to be a lot more reasonable and you definitely get a lot more homework”.

She also said that her classes are hit or miss this year: some days being easy and some not so much.

For most students, moving from being a big bad eighth grader to a little tiny freshman would be nerve racking, however, Morgan wasn’t phased.

She says, “I was not really that scared for high school because Washington Township is so small so it really isn’t that big of a change”.

Morgan is pretty friendly so she has made many friends through the sports that she plays. Luckily she hasn’t been picked on yet by the upperclassmen.

Fortunately, Morgan’s travel from eighth grade to ninth grade was smooth. Now she doesn’t have to worry about entering high school anymore.

New Teacher, Miss Kutemeier, Gets Used to Things at WT

Last year WT lost a few teachers, which means we have gained some. One of those few is Miss Ashley Kutemeier. She is the new English, speech, and yearbook teacher. It has only been a few days of school so she is still getting used to things at WT.

Being a new teacher, Miss K wasn’t nervous at all. She says, “I was very excited about teaching at WT. I have always wanted to teach in the area so it was a perfect decision. When I came for my interview everyone was so welcoming”.

It has only been a few days, but Miss K knows it will be a great year.

Only being at WT for a short week, Miss K has a lot to look forward to. For instance, Miss K will be on a panel of judges judging high school student’s big project at the end of the year.

“I am looking forward to watching my students grow and develop as learners. I want to help my students discover the joy of lifelong learning”, says Miss K.

Many of the students at WT don’t really know Miss K that well. However, she has some interesting characteristics people should know about her. For example, she is athletic and enjoys playing a variety of sports in her free time. Also, Miss K is very creative so she likes to find new ways to teach. Growing up on a farm she worked hard as a child, which has left a long lasting impression on her character. She now knows the importance of hard work.

There are many more new teachers this year, each with their unique way of teaching. Miss K has shown students at WT she is a great teacher.