#1StudentNWI: It’s a New Year at VHS

Mikaela Karolzak is ValpoLife.com's #1StudentNWI representative at Valparaiso High School. This month, she gives us a rundown of what we can expect at VHS in January.

January has always been a month full of high expectations, especially at Valparaiso High School. To start it off we give it a grand introduction in December. Last month we had our annual This Is Our Story concert, where many talented young musicians put you into the holiday mood with their lovely music. Also, right outside of the concert was a spectacular art exhibit full of many amazing drawings and paintings.

New Year's Eve happens to be every kid's favorite excuse to stay up to midnight and not get yelled at. And you know why? It's because the New Year is coming! All of this excitement and celebration is the incredible beginning of one month: January. January happens to have a lot of weight on its shoulders, seeing as how the New Year promises a fresh start to everything. So at VHS we make sure it's done right. The extravaganza continued with a long (and much-needed) winter break where we get to sleep in, see our family, and enjoy the great food that comes with it. All of this lead up to one glorious evening we call New Year's Eve.

January is definitely an eventful month for everyone. Although, at Valparaiso High School it seems to be even busier than usual. Maybe it's because the end of a long, relaxing break feels like too much or it's the incoming Final Exams. Either way every student at VHS has a lot happening this month.


Everyone is obviously very excited about Gymnastics, seeing as they've won 10 State Championships and 6 Runner-Up Titles. The constant success has turned our Gymnastics Team into a Gymnastics Dynasty, and this year we are expecting great victories just like before. Let's start and end another great season, girls!


If you had to go to swim practice at 5:30 AM and jump in a pool, would you? Even when you could be in a warm, nice bed? Well, to all these boys and girls it's just another day's work. Swimming is back at VHS and off to a great start, and their commitment and sacrifices are definitely going to pay off.


Boys and Girls Basketball have had very good seasons so far. Girls Junior Varsity and Boys Varsity are doing exceptionally well, securing many wins to start the season off great. We're all crossing our fingers that our great defense and offense strategies will continue to help us win more games as the season going on.

Snow Days

Instead of having the wonderful "White Christmas" we all wanted, the snow had to come in early January. The first snow is always a beautiful sight, but the fifth and sixth snow aren't always so jolly. We've cancelled two school days already due to the extreme cold outside. Because of this finals have been moved a day later, meaning the Friday off we all were waiting for is now a school day. But we have one more day to study which is definitely very helpful.


Next week is the notorious Finals Week, and everyone at VHS either can't wait for it to start or can't wait for it to be over. The majority of the student population have our hands full, studying the most we can, especially the freshmen who have never taken one before. However, once the three test-taking days are over we get to enjoy the great three day break!

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Can you believe it's been more than 50 years since Mr. King's famous "I Had a Dream" speech? America has come a long way, all thanks to one special man. This 19th make sure to make time to remember this amazing man and the journey we've had with him.

Student Shout Out

This month's student shout out is VHS Junior Christian Sayers. Christian is very involved at Valparaiso High School. For example: he's the captain of the Limited Prep Squad in Speech and Debate. He also participates in Varsity Soccer in the fall and is a member of German Club. Christian also volunteers at TJ to help special education children.

Teacher Shout Out

This month's teacher shout out is VHS Spanish Teacher Mr. Rodea. Mr. Rodea has been working at Valparaiso High School for quite some time, and even after all these years he still loves what he does. Being a student in his class is a great experience, where he teaches you about the Hispanic heritage and culture while making you laugh at the same time. Mr. Rodea also helps Don Quijote Restaurant with their fundraisers and banquets for a good cause. Recently he helped out with the benefit for the homeless population in Valpo. He also performs every Friday night with his wife at the restaurant.

Month Ahead

As you can see January is a month full of excitement and many grand activities. Although, February seems to be filled with many great opportunities too, such as the annual King of Hearts Dance. Listen up girls, you get to ask the man of your dreams for once! Also ISSMA is approaching soon, which is an opportunity for any musically-inclined student to participate in a great event. You'll be judged for your piece and if you do well enough you might even go to State! What a great way to begin and end the month of February.

Make sure you enjoy this wonderful month for the great intense games, the beginning (or end) of Finals Week, and the great three day break that comes with it! Let's have fun this month, Valpo Vikings!