#1StudentNWI: Kouts Fundraisers and Halloween Prep

#1StudentNWI: Kouts Fundraisers and Halloween Prep

Staff Spotlight:

More and more opportunities seem to keep arising for Kouts students as the school has acquired a new athletic director. Amy Evans, a former teacher for the Wawasee School District, has joined the staff at Kouts Middle/High School!

For many students, athletics are a huge part of their everyday routines, and could assist them in building a future after high school. As an athletic director, she is constantly working to create a fun and safe environment for athletes.

“[I work on] planning, supervising, and ensuring the athletic department is functioning to the highest level. Examples include meeting IHSAA requirements, official/game contracts, concessions, finances, safety, supporting players, coaches, and families, and the overall operations of the athletic department.”

Because she is maintaining the athletic department, she is able to help students reach their potential amongst the sports that they love. Prior to Kouts, Evans was a science and social studies teacher at Wawasee, a county that is about 30 minutes Northeast of Warsaw, IN. She was able to participate in not only sport-related activities at her previous school, but also other subjects that she enjoyed partaking in.

“I also coached basketball, volleyball, soccer, track, and cross country. I was fortunate to work with our at-risk kids and sponsored the outdoor club. I also was a member of the corporation Assessment, Curriculum, and Teaching Committee, along with holding leadership positions on the School Improvement and Health/Wellness Committees," Evans said.

She held her position for nine years before joining the Eastporter County family. Evans also hopes to maintain and expand on the great work that has been accomplished through the years, and we as students hope that she feels welcome, and will do all she can to better our athletic department.

Student Spotlight:

Though the Kouts Middle/High School does have a new athletic director, the stamina and dedication that students possess while on the field or the court has been present since the very beginning. And, although several of our students are dedicated to keeping themselves in shape to ensure the best performance possible, it's hard to deny the tasty sweets that can be found everywhere during October. Although this seems like a major dilemma, why not have the best of both worlds? Several Kouts students are going to be participating in The Halloween Hustle on October 21st , which will take place at Boone Grove High School. The Halloween Hustle is a 5k color run hosted by the school’s graduating class of 2020, and it will start at 9:00 am. In order to obtain a t-shirt, individuals must register by October 15th, but both adults and kids can register the day of the race starting at 7:30 that morning. To participate in the run, as well as join in on the music and games, the cost is $25, and children under the age of 10 can participate in their 1k for $10. To register online or for more information, visit https://www.eventbrite.com/e/halloween-hustle-tickets-50428899195?aff=ebdssbdestsearch.

What’s Happening:

While sports are often times a huge part of a student’s high school career, academics come first, as most of the teachers at Kouts express. The Kouts High School staff is dedicated to helping their students academically in any way they can and some are able to excel greatly. In response to academically-achieved students, some are inducted into the National Honor Society. When inducted, students have an opportunity to give back to those who have helped them reach a huge accomplishment in their lives, as well as the community in general.

Olivia Konchar, the president of National Honor Society, talked about some of the events that the group will hold. As of now, there are three events that are currently in progress; the blood drive, the food drive, and a bake sale.

The blood drive will be held sometime around January and will occur on a weekday during school, as well as a few hours after school. Anyone is allowed to participate. The drive is a good way for the school to help those in need, as the American Red Cross is always in need of donations, especially during the winter. A bake sale will also take place during a Kouts’ home basketball game to help raise money for the Memorial Scholarship Fund.

“This fund helps to give scholarships to deserving and honorable students within the Kouts High School community,” Olivia explained.

As helping the community in any way they can is something that the Honor Society strives for, a food drive will also help us students to give back. Families can expect bags to be delivered on March 2nd and the collection will take place on March 16th.

“The food drive is run because there are always needy families in every community and it is our job as responsible citizens to help those who need help,” said Olivia. Although there is not a lot of details currently, more information will be released closer to the events' actual dates.

Upcoming Events:

For most families, Halloween is an exciting event where both the adults and the children are allowed to express their love for all things spooky, as well as consume copious amounts of candy without feeling guilty afterwards! Children oftentimes buzz with excitement as they pick out their costumes and decide which houses would be most beneficial to visit first, while their parents are excited to document their annual wardrobe choice, already envisioning the embarrassment that will occupy the memory in a few years.

While Halloween is supposed to be a fun holiday, some families fall short in the creepy spirit. Jobs and outside dangers could affect someone’s trick-or-treating schedule. Parents may worry for their children as they roam the streets, or the timing of trick-or-treating may be too late for some families to participate. In response to these concerns, Kouts School hosts the annual Hallway Trick-or-Treat, where children can collect candy from older students.

Grayce Beach, a senior, is participating in planning the event. Specifics are not set in place yet, but Beach has said that the event will take place on Halloween somewhere between 3:30 and 4:30 in the afternoon. Age restrictions will be announced, as well as a more specific time, closer to the date.

According to Beach, the event was created to be sure everyone could enjoy Halloween.

“A few years ago they started this to create a "safer Halloween" for the younger children in elementary school so they weren't Trick-or-Treating out on the streets and it gave a window of time that kept the children from being out too late," Beach said. "The student council has hosted this event since I've been here.”

To keep up to date with the event, individuals should refer to the eastporter.k12.in.us website, where they can access more information from any school within Eastporter County, as well as all future events.