#1StudentNWI: Kouts High School Celebrates Homecoming and New Beginnings

#1StudentNWI: Kouts High School Celebrates Homecoming and New Beginnings
By: Cameron Cooper Last Updated: January 8, 2019

National Honors Society
When the year comes to an end, many people begin to think about how they can alter their old ways to improve their lives. This especially applies to the student population, simply due to the fact that many high schoolers are growing closer to their graduation date, and their impending occupations are beginning to take shape within their minds.

For many, one of these solutions is to be proactive in things that can benefit yourself, as well as those around you. On December 14th, the Kouts National Honors Society held a name-your-own-price bake sale just outside of the new gym during a junior varsity and varsity boys basketball game. The members of the society all graciously brought in many different kinds of homemade goodies, the treats ranging from strawberry cookies and rice krispy treats, to chocolate-covered pretzels, brownies, and even caramel corn!

The money raised from the bakesale is used as scholarship to help benefit those students who put in the time and effort to achieve the goals that they wish to grasp. But working hard doesn’t only mean working in solitude. The National Honors Society will soon host a blood drive as well as a food drive. Keep an eye out for more upcoming information regarding those events, and to learn how you can participate. We hope to see you there!

6th Grade Mentors
Growing up can be difficult for most. Jobs, family, friends, school work, and a million other stressors fly in and out of one’s everyday routine for a majority of their life. As we grow older, impending responsibilities plague our minds as we complete our daily chores, especially as we enter middle school.

Middle school is an important transitional period for most students due to the fact that they are pushed into a foreign environment so suddenly. In elementary school, their hands were held by the teachers that kindly guided them through new concepts. When sixth grade begins, these individuals are thrown into a new world, usually beyond their comprehension at the very beginning of the year. Lockers, several teachers a day, new friends, new rooms, and new activities are only some of the more-developed aspects of entering middle school.

With these new concepts, also comes room for error and mistakes. In middle school, students become more self-aware of who they are and who they choose to host in their environments, and sometimes, these students don’t like who they are becoming or who they are spending time with. In an effort to assist those who may need it, Kouts’ guidance counselors and social workers, Ms.Windor and Ms. Basal, have teamed up with five young women in the high school to speak with this year's sixth grade girls about friends and transitioning into middle school.

With three seniors and two juniors on the team, the girls share personal stories with the younger girls, and answer any questions the females may have about new experiences they have encountered, or will encounter as they continue to grow and mature. The mentors, as well as the sixth graders, very much enjoy the down-time that the activity provides them with. They share mutual joyous feelings toward the new program, and hope to continue meeting to work through new problems the young girls may face.

Job Offerings
Opportunities are constantly arising within Kouts’ school, and, fortunately, these opportunities are not exclusive to students. It is not only important for a school to offer a quality education, but also offer the best options in things like cleanliness and meal options.

In an effort to maintain these important aspects of running an educational facility, Kouts has recently displayed several different job offerings. Kouts is currently searching for new custodians to help maintain the school, as well as new members to join the cafeteria staff.

Full-time and part-time positions are available, and more information can be found in the Kouts’ Parent’s Paragraph, as well as on the eastporter.k12.in.us website, where you will need to locate the “Employment” tab, before clicking on “Applications/Forms,” and then “Classified Forms.” More information about the job openings can also be found by contacting the Kouts school office at 766-2231.

To our future staff members: the students, teachers, and other staff welcome you, and we hope you enjoy working with us at Kouts!

Kouts Homecoming
On December 8th, 2018, roughly two weeks before East Porter County students were released for winter break, Kouts’ held their annual homecoming. The homecoming game occurred the day before, where the junior varsity as well as the varsity boys basketball teams faced off against South Central.

The Mustangs pushed through the fatigue as both teams used their strengths against each other, and Kouts was able to secure two miraculous wins for both JV and varsity. As a result, the home of the Mustangs and Fillies was able to acquire the keg, where all of the basketball players signed their names enthusiastically along the worn, white wood.

Not only were the players ecstatic that their hard work had prevailed, but the pep block continued to grow all night, the cheers increasing with excitement after each shot. After receiving incredible praise from coaches, family, friends, and teachers, the basketball players, as well as other Kouts High School students, were able to celebrate at homecoming the next night.

“A Trip Down Memory Lane” provided the students with a ticket back in time, where vintage records as well as gorgeous clear and blue accents lined the tables. Fairy lights helped to welcome the Kouts students, as well as those visiting, into the area for a night full of good food, dancing, and memories.