#1StudentNWI: Making Student’s Futures Shine at the Porter County Career and Technical Center

During the first week of summer from June 8-11, the Porter County Career Center held a summer camp for incoming freshmen to show the opportunities received from hard work. This camp ran four hours a day and was funded from grants given to the program from The Center of Workforce Innovations and Work One. Students from the surrounding schools were given a tour of the Career Center in the 2014-2015 school year and any students that wished to get further information to try out the classes were given the opportunity to apply for the sixteen positions available for the summer camp.

Each student experienced four popular classes at the Career Center which included: Electronics, Computer-Aided Design, Machining, and Video Productions. In each of the four sessions, the students had the fortuity to try something that will actually be done in the program. Each student went home with an engraved ruler, movie trailer, and a solar powered light.

Each student was excited about his or her creations. A student from Kouts Middle School, Dakota Dick, was asked what his favorite programs were and his response was, “My favorite programs were Machining and Electronics.

He also explained how this visit changed his future path of career and this encouraged his choice of program when he becomes an upperclassman.

Dakota was asked what his favorite part of the camp in generals and he said, “Everyone was so nice and willing to help.” This was the same impression the rest of the students had about the activity filled summer camp.

Students were able to create their own movie trailers in the video production class and they could have chosen any theme they wanted. A select group chose to make a sports comedy and had obviously enjoyed themselves with the amount of laughter and body language displayed while filming the movie trailer within their groups.

The students were also taught about the skills employers are really looking for and team building that will benefit them in any career path or involvement in the community. The skills they learned can benefit not only in the classroom but in the workforce. A representative from the National Guard also came in to explain how dual enrollment classes can save them a lot of money in the future and how much opportunity they have because of education.

In addition to experiencing the classes, they also went on two field trips to see the skills they have learned be put to work and see all the job opportunities. The two places they visited were Task Force Tips and Horses Landscaping. In Horses Landscaping, they received a presentation on how the landscaping comes together through their design program by using CAD. This is just another example where students were not only told ways that they can have great success through the Career Center, but they were shown how to achieve success.

Future Events:

In October, the Entrepreneurship and Sports Marketing Class will be opening up their student led store in the commons of the Career Center. The instructor of the class, Mrs. Gaulin becomes the CEO and distributes critical jobs to the students and gives instruction on how to start the store smoothly and how to keep it in business. The students are given basic rules and are guided throughout the way, but after learning about how to open the store they are on their own. The students use their own creativity and problem-solving skills to be successful with also the help of Mrs. Gaulin.

The students not only sell the things inside but have to create and fill out all necessary paperwork correctly, order the correct products, generate a name, create the wanted esthetics, work as a team, continue to keep the store successful, and many more skills you can only learn from hands-on experience. The students also have to maintain the vending machines located right in front of the store so there are beverages available for purchase when the store is not open.