#1STUDENTNWI: Morgan Township DECA organization makes donations to Valpo Police

#1STUDENTNWI: Morgan Township DECA organization makes donations to Valpo Police

What’s Happened?

Last month, the boys' cross country team made it to the state finals for the first time in 100 hundred years of Morgan Township’s history. As they were leaving for the meet, the entire school from elementary to high school rallied together to cheer them on. The team ran through hallways throughout the school as their peers cheered them on. The parents of the players as well participated at the very end. At the meet, the boys came out in 22nd of 24 schools, which was its projected place. Owen Thomas was the top runner at Morgan in 79th with a time of 16:43.

As well from last month, the Future Farmers of America (FFA) hosted a Polio awareness fundraiser. Students would bring in a dollar or more and get their pinky finger painted purple. Up to $212 dollars in funds were raised. 

On Thursday, November 11, the Morgan High School Art Club hosted a 'Cookies and Canvas' event. It was $25 to attend, and a partial amount of the funds go towards an art charity of the club's choice. Shelby Braun, the art club sponsor and art teacher, stated that her favorite part of the event was seeing everyone's end results.

This month on November 11, was Veterans Day. Due to COVID-19, veterans could not attend, but the school still hosted an event in their honor. The event consisted of a video to celebrate, a singing of the National Anthem from the Morgan choir, and two speeches given by Kaytin Whitiker, junior, and Grayson Lemmons, senior. 

The Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA) Organization of Morgan hosted its campaign and wrote thank-you letters to the Valpo Police Department. The campaign was an All-School campaign done at a DECA meeting on November 15.

“The respect we should pay to our officers is always important,” Teacher Crystal White said.

This month started the girls' basketball season. On Friday, November 12, the girls faced off in a game against Westville. The team played hard and, in the end, won with a score of 64-45. Victoria Detraz was the top scorer with a total of 18 points. Josie Lemmons was second with 11 points.

What's Coming Up?

Next month, Morgan Township will be hosting its annual homecoming event. The theme is yet to be determined by the homecoming planning committee. The game will be on December 17 against Hebron. 

Staff Spotlight

The teacher spotlight this month is Brighitte Snemis. Snemis is Morgan’s new Spanish teacher, teaching previously for twenty-two years at Chesterton Middle School, Valparaiso High School and at Portage High School. 

“I started teaching to make extra money as a student while studying abroad.  When I returned to the states, I had such a knowledge base and passion for the Spanish language and culture -teaching seemed like the best career choice for me," Snemis said. "The obstacle was a teacher's license. I had to return to school for two more years.  I needed to take classes in education and do my student teaching.  I was a substitute teacher for a couple of years and I waitressed at Don Quijote's restaurant downtown Valparaiso." 

She also explained that the owner is from Spain and she was able to speak with him in Spanish and talk with the clients about Spain. She loves to travel too, so she has been able to visit quite a few Spanish speaking countries.

Snemis was very involved in high school.  She played the violin and has been the Captain of the Indianettes dance squad. She was in student council, a thespian, she had the lead role of Gypsy in the high school's big musical production of Gypsy Rose Lee.  She was also in the pep club and received the most spirited at games award her junior and senior year. 

“The hardest part about teaching Spanish is the time planning. I have multiple levels and each level is different. I have eighth graders this year too, and that adds a seventh class so there is a lot going on each day. The days are quite long when I have seven classes.” Snemis said. 

She also said that so far this year has been very positive. The students, staff and administration have all been very kind and genuine.

Student Spotlight

This month's student spotlight is Dana Abbring. Abbring is a new high schooler starting off her freshman year.  Abbring is a part of the jazz band, band, yearbook, and student council.

“High school is really just another stage of your educational journey. We’re all teenagers, young adults (or adults if you’re a senior) and the system definitely lets you be more independent and responsible for yourself to reflect this growth. You get to work with the guidance counselor and you have some freedom in which classes you take, which lets you learn about what interests you,” Abbring said. 

Abbring added her most favorite part is the electaves she is able to be in. Being able to have a good time to relieve stress through creativity has definitely helped her with the transition to high school.

Abbring as well talked about how she has been blessed with a very relaxing freshman year. 

“While that might change once finals come around, I’ve been given plenty of time to get my assignments done and can always ask the teachers for help. Study hall at the end of the day is also nice” Abbring said. 

She hopes to graduate with an academic honors diploma and take advanced placement (AP) classes junior and senior year so she has less to do in college, but she also wants to focus on connections. 

“I’ll only get to do this once, so I will try to make the most of it” Abbring said.

Abbring had many positive things to say about her first year in high school. 

“My freshman year has definitely been a different experience than middle school. I don’t see the same people in every class, and I think I lost some connection with some people because of that. But it’s also interesting to see how I can only share two classes with someone and call them my friend. Being able to pick my own electives was also nice, and I was even able to take a summer class so that I could play Jazz Band this year.” Abbring said.