#1StudentNWI: New Experiences for Washington Township High School

#1StudentNWI: New Experiences for Washington Township High School

Over the Summer Spanish Field Trip
Now that summer has begun, the Washington Township Spanish program is on their trip to Puerto Rico. Many students worked the whole year to save up money to travel down to Puerto Rico. Other students decided to go to California, however, because of the threat of the Zika virus.

Recently graduated Demetra Marshall went on the trip to Puerto Rico. They left on June 17th and went for six days.

Marshall says, “I decided to go because the activities sounded like a lot of fun. I wanted to see what the different culture was like and go to a place where people spoke Spanish and English so I could communicate with everyone."

Marshall was accompanied by two other Washington Township students and one student from Morgan Township. During the trip they also hooked up with other groups from other states and did activities with them.

“We went to the Yunque rainforest, a couple of beaches, a coffee plantation, walked around San Juan, and spent one night in Ponce where we went to a bio-luminescent bay to snorkel. We also had some free time where we went to history museums and shopped”, says Marshall. For Marshall and everyone else that went on the trip, it was an amazing experience.

Washington-Township-June-2016_02Fourth of July Plans
It is about the end of the first month of summer and this summer is flying by. However, everyone still has the Fourth of July to look forward to, with grilling out, swimming, and hanging out with family. Sadly the Fourth of July means that summer is about halfway over, but doesn’t mean the fun has to end. Many students have fun plans for our Independence Day.

On the day of the fourth, Junior Haley Clark plans on having a picnic with her whole family. At night they traditionally go see fireworks.

“This summer is very busy because of volleyball, but it has also been fun”, says Clark. Even though summer sports conditioning has taken up most of her precious summertime, she doesn't want it to come to an end.

Junior Cole Augle has plans for Independence Day as well. He plans on going to the beach. On top of that, Augle says his summer has been good. It mostly consists of sports and traveling. He also says what many others are thinking: "summer is going too fast and it should be longer."

Washington-Township-June-2016_03Getting to Know Mrs. Lipinski; Our New Principal
In June, Mr. Hale retired from being principal at Washington Township. He is looking forward to living his life. Former assistant principal and athletic director Sue Lipinski will be taking over for Mr. Hale this upcoming year. Lipinski has been an athletic director and assistant principal at Washington Township for four years now.

“Before I worked at Washington Township, I taught high school math at Chesterton and Portage High School”, said Lipinski. After her days of teaching she wanted to become an athletic director and an assistant principal, so she came to WT.

She said, “I am eager to begin serving the students and community in a different role”. Next year is going to be interesting for her.

“In the big picture, your time in school is very short, but it often determines your path to your future. Don't waste it! You only control your attitude and your work ethic. Use both well to set yourself up for a great future”, said Lipinski.

Washington-Township-June-2016_04Washington Township High School Choir Nashville Adventure
Washington Township High School choir just returned from a three day trip to Nashville. They performed their songs and learned about the origin of country music.

Just recently graduated, Maddisen Mrotek was one of the attendees on the trip. She said that they all went sightseeing in downtown Nashville and saw the best of what Nashville has to offer.

“We performed at the Country Music Hall of Fame and also went to RCA Studio B, where Elvis, Dolly Parton, the Everly Brothers and more recorded”, said Mrotek.

She says the trip was an amazing experience and she really learned a lot. She also says that being with the Washington Township choir made them closer.

Mrotek stated, "I took away a new appreciation for the origins of country music and really appreciated the opportunity to record at Studio B”.

For everyone involved, it was a life changing experience.