#1StudentNWI: New Year, New Opportunities at PCCTC

#1StudentNWI: New Year, New Opportunities at PCCTC

What's Happening?
Technology in Learning
In the 21st century we are constantly seeing new technology that is changing the way we live and learn. A technology that most people are familiar with is the Virtual Reality headset. These headsets allow you to view movies, videos and games via smartphone, computer and even gaming systems. The computer animated design (CAD) class is using this technology to bring projects to life.

“We received an HTC Vive VR headset and have been using it to view student projects. A student can design a house and ‘walk’ through it in virtual reality. It feels very realistic,” said Mr. Guinee, the CAD instructor.

It is an interesting and innovative way for these students to see how their projects would look like in real life.

Recycled Material Turns Into Something New
The building trades class is constantly doing something interesting whether it be building a house or working on the Depot. Although the depot is not quite finished yet, they started another exciting project. Due to having some extra materials from the Depot project, the class decided to build a shed in the shop. The class will be installing windows as well as an original door to the shed. So far, they have about half of the project done but are working diligently on it.

PCCTC-1Student-January-2017_02Chesterton Construction Tech On-Site Learning
Vocational training is all about hands-on experience in their classroom. The Duneland Building Trades class is doing just that and more. With the help of Paul Shinn, the president of Duneland Building Trades Corporation, students got to see lots in The Preserve. These lots showed them water and storm systems as well as seeing roadside curbs being installed. This gives students an even better look at what goes into building, not only a home, but a neighborhood.

What’s Coming Up?
Chicago Auto Show
At the Career Center, the staff makes sure that students get rewarded for excellent behavior. From time to time, students get to take field trips to staff-coordinated events. Coming up, students have the opportunity to go to the Chicago Auto Show. Not only is this an awesome time for the Auto Tech students to get a look at the new vehicles as well as concept vehicles, but also a time for students to meet with friends and have fun in Chicago. This trip is available for students with good grades and no disciplinary problems.

The video productions students have been working hard on PSAs for Drive Safe Chicago to show the dangers of distracted driving such as texting or talking on the phone. Three students in the class are finalists and had the opportunity to work with a director on their PSAs. The winner of the 30- second PSA will be announced at the Auto Show. The winner will have the opportunity to attend a news conference as well. This gives students a real-life film opportunity that will be on display for many people around the midwest to see.

PCCTC-1Student-January-2017_03Duneland Construction Technology in the Community
The Chesterton construction technology class has a new project coming up. The class will be building an outdoor classroom for Bailly Elementary School in Chesterton.

“The outdoor classroom will allow Bailly students to have a lesson outside if necessary with access to nature,” Mr. Garzella, the instructor, explained.

This is a very good example of how vocational programs do hands on work and positively impact the community while doing it.

The students in the photo are measuring and plotting the area where the classroom will be built.

Teacher Spotlight
This month’s Teacher Spotlight goes to Mr. Guinee. He is the Computer Aided Design and Animation (CAD) instructor. Mr. Guinee has been teaching for 14 years. His main goal as a teacher here is to help students determine their future whether it be CAD related or not. He focuses on his students and makes sure that they are equipped for their future. Mr. Guinee also makes time for an after school club at the Career Center. He engages with his students which is very important for any teacher to do.

Mr. Guinee’s journey began when he was a student in high school. He first became interested in CAD because of a CAD class he took there as well as the teacher he had. He then went on to college at Purdue Calumet, which is now Purdue Northwest, earning a degree in both Mechanical Engineering Technology and Instructional Technology. Mr. Guinee’s love of teaching also started at a college. He did not intend on teaching a class in a career center but had the opportunity to teach a college class and ended up loving it.

“Mr. Guinee is the reason I fell in love with CAD. He pushed me to do my best. I’m not going to lie, the class can be tough at times but he helped me work through the problems. He did that for everyone in the class. He is one of the best teachers I have ever had. Not only that, but he seems to know everything about what he teaches. Some teachers have some things they really don’t know but Mr. Guinee is truly an expert in his field,” said a former student.

PCCTC-1Student-January-2017_04Student Spotlight
In the afternoon classes at the Career Center there is one student who stands out and that is Macie Carpenter.

Macie knows what she wants to do with her future and is doing everything she can to be prepared for it.

“This year I'm really focusing on doing my best in everything. From school to work to making memories with my friends. I plan on making this year my best year so far. I am on the honor roll at Kouts High School, I'm a manager at the ice rink downtown Valpo and I just really want to be able to look back at this year and be proud of my work,” said Macie.

After high school, Macie plans on going to Purdue University to study management and marketing. Right now, she is in the Strategic Marketing Internship class which is helping her get marketing experience while still in high school.

“I chose the SMI class because I want to be an event marketer when I graduate from college. I want to learn about marketing, but I also loved that it had the work aspect involved,” said Macie, “I've always been very dedicated to working and I love that there is plenty of time to do that with this class. It's all around a fantastic class to take.”

She is a very determined person as well as a leader. Taking on the managing position at the ice skating rink as well as on the Volleyball court. There, she was the captain of the Kouts varsity volleyball team.

Macie is a great student with great potential.