#1StudentNWI: Once a Senator, Always a Senator

#1StudentNWI: Once a Senator, Always a Senator
By: Morgan Olson Last Updated: June 13, 2017

Washington Township’s Graduation Class are turning their tassels from right to left as they accomplish their biggest milestone to date. The Class of 2017 started their academic careers thirteen years ago and the time has finally come for them to say goodbye to Washington Township and hello to the new opportunities awaiting them.

To be a Washington Township Senator is honor, and will continue to influence with the Graduating Class in their future endeavors. Washington Township is a school that promotes hard work, good character, and community; starting from a young age students are expected to perform to the best of their abilities while being the best person they can be. The Washington Township community is a close knit group of people, and often described as a family. Having the the constant support of their classmates, teachers, administration, and family has allowed for the Class of 2017 to succeed tremendously.

Washington-Township-1Student-June-2017_02 Going Back to the Beginning & Favorite Memories:
As this chapter of their lives draws to end it is important the seniors reminisce on the experiences that have shaped them into the people they are today. The Seniors walked the halls of Washington Township Elementary to remind them of where it all started. For some, they have attended Washington Township since Kindergarten, and for some they joined the Washington Township family later in their schooling careers. At the end of their walk, the Seniors glanced at their old school pictures hanging on the wall - sharing a laugh or coming to the realization they are no longer high school students.

Having taken a walk down memory lane, the seniors began thinking about their favorite memories.

Justin Hall said, “Hands down my favorite memory would have to be the time that Ramon Lopez threw a full milk carton at the school and it exploded. His punishment was that he had to clean the classrooms, which was really funny too.”

Danny Calo said his favorite memory happened every time he stepped onto the baseball field with his teammates: “My favorite baseball memory was being apart of the Ground Crew.”

Coach Robert’s expects his boys to perform in terms of baseball, but also expects them to contribute to the upkeep of the field. Although the work may not have always been fun, the baseball boys couldn’t complain because it was one more thing they got to do together as a team.

Washington-Township-1Student-June-2017_03 Thank You Washington Township:
Washington Township has provided the Class of 2017 the fundamentals to begin the rest of their lives. The Seniors have become bonded to one another through the friendships they have formed and the experience they have shared together.

Class Valedictorian Sam Soucie stated, “It has been an honor to grow and learn with such a phenomenal group of people.”

As the Graduating Class continues on in their schooling careers, they hold a piece of Washington Township close to their heart - whether that be the people the met, the lessons the learned, or the abilities they were taught within the four walls of the classroom.

Brianna Meade said, “I will take away making the most of every moment I have with my class, and enjoy the times while they last!"

The Seniors recently traveled to Washington D.C. together on their Senior Trip. On the trip their activities ranged from touring the White House, visiting famous monuments, and attending a Washington Nationals baseball game. The trip to Washington D.C. gave the Seniors one last outing together and provided them with memories they will cherish for years to come.

High School provided the seniors with the best of times, and the worst of times - but there is a lesson to be mentioned in that.

Sara Rokosz said, “To not to worry about what others think, and to always do what makes you happy."

It goes without saying, being apart of the Washington Township family is a one of a kind experience.

Ean Johnston said, “I came to this school in the 7th grade, I was immediately welcomed in. It is bittersweet knowing that my time here is coming to an end, and while I am excited for the future, I must say that I will miss being a Washington Township Senator.”

Being a Senator is much more than showing your red and black pride. Being a Senator means representing your school well, being a friend to someone who needs it, and doing all things you do with passion.

Washington Township is different than other schools because of it’s heart - it is a place that encourages students to break stereotypes set forth by society. It is the place where the star athlete takes part in the school musical or is apart of the academic team. Washington Township gives students the opportunity to challenge themselves and establish quality relationships. It gives students the foundation to grow into the people they are meant to be.

Washington-Township-1Student-June-2017_04 Goodbye Washington Township, Hello Future:
What seems like the end is often the beginning, and this is the case for the Class of 2017 In the Fall, each of them will go their separate ways whether it be a 4 - year college, a trade school, apprenticeship, or straight into the workforce.

The Graduating Class was asked what they were looking forward to most in college, Jamie Trunick’s response was simple, “Independence”. It is an exciting time from planning your dorm space to selecting your curriculum course. The Class of 2017 have big changes in their futures, such as moving away from home; with the big changes comes the small changes, such as doing their own laundry and making themselves their own dinner. One thing that will not change though is mom’s phone number and remember Class of 2017, mom is only one call away.

Washington Township Principal, Mrs. Sue Lipinski, offered a final piece of advice for the Graduating Class,.

She stated “Remember the three most important things you can say to someone: I love you, I am sorry, and I forgive you.”

As their lives begin change, the Class of 2017 will become indulged in their new atmosphere, there will become a time where they struggle to remember their classmates names, but one thing is for sure the Class of 2017 will not forget what it felt like to be a Washington Township Senator; Washington Township will forever be a part of the Graduating Class. Once a Senator, always a Senator.