#1StudentNWI: PCCTC Builds, Explores, and Prepares for the Future

#1StudentNWI: PCCTC Builds, Explores, and Prepares for the Future

Student Spotlight
At the Porter County Career and Technical Center, students come with some awesome attributes. Some students even come in and already have experience with the class they’re taking.

An example of a student that would have a quality like that is Sara Timmons.

Timmons is a senior at Portage High school while also attending the Entrepreneurship Sports and Entertainment Marketing class.

Sara is a real “people” person. She likes to implement her skills in the class while learning and improving skills.

“You get to learn more about people,” Timmons said. “I’m a very interactive people person. I love getting to know other people Especially learning how they work with our store downstairs. Working as a team is my favorite part.”

Timmons has an out of school job. This is part of how she strengthens and builds different skills.

“I work at a tanning salon,” Timmons said. “I can work up to 6 hours. I’m the only one in the salon by myself working. That means I have to deal with the cash register, the computer system. I also have to turn on the beds through the computer, as well as selling product and marketing product.”

Timmons likes the way the class functions. She likes the way that the things she learns in her class are able to be demonstrated outside the classroom.

“I like how we can use real world problem situations like economics, business, or marketing, Timmons explained. “I like how we learn those subjects, but they aren’t too distant from us.”

Sara Timmons has a great work ethic, and her knowledge that she possesses over business gives her a bright future for success!

PCCTC-1Student-January-2018_02 Teacher Spotlight
The teachers at the Porter County Career and Technical Center bring a lot more to the table than just your ordinary teacher. Each teacher has great qualities that make them extremely qualified to teach their subject at the school.

Another teacher that has amazing attributes is Ms. Ammons.

Ammons teaches the Entrepreneurship Sports and Entertainment Marketing class and Strategic Marketing Internship class. She teaches her students about real world opportunities that can occur to them throughout the business world.

“I teach students how to be successful in business, the qualities they need for that, and how to understand how business works,” Ms. Ammons said. “The idea of how to price things, how to have a good quality product, and how to market those things.”

With the Entrepreneurship Sports and Entertainment Marketing class, participation and teamwork are two key factors for success.

“I like the participation in this class,” Ms. Ammons said. “Especially as we move into the Sports and Entertainment Marketing, students become more and more involved.”

Ammons admires the energy from her classes. She looks at the fact that students that are willing to participate are willing to learn, as well, which makes her teaching extremely fun.

“I like the energy my students bring,” Ms. Ammons explained. “It’s never boring here. It’s always exciting.”

Ms. Ammons wants some future students to know about what to expect!

“The first part of the year, we work on designing and implementing ideas for the story,” Ms. Ammons said. “Then students will learn how to work it. This means running the business, stocking the business, and towards the end, to learn how to close the business.”

Also, students receive their high school economics credit from taking this class!

With Ms. Ammons teaching her students about the business world, they will surely have bright futures ahead with her expertise!

PCCTC-1Student-January-2018_03 What’s Happening
The Porter County Career and Technical Center has been under construction for quite some time.

With the vocational center becoming increasing more popular and having more kids attend, the Porter County Career Center decided to add another section to the building. The addition creates more space, classrooms, and makes the building larger than it was before.

The project began in the fall, and has made serious progress since the construction project first started.

Students walk by the new buildings often for class, and it shows them how much time is passing just by watching the progress of the building. Watching progress and seeing construction workers move in and out of the building has become a normal staple for the school.

Students at the Porter County Career and Technical Center have different parking areas due to the building construction. Some students have been arriving earlier to school to get a spot that’s close to the doors due to the cold weather!

At this point it looks as if the building is nearing completion, though the inside hasn't experienced the same progress as the outside of the building.

As school progresses, so does the interior and exterior of the add-on to the new part of the Career Center.

It’s amazing what a group of people can do to make progressive work in a limited amount of time!

PCCTC-1Student-January-2018_04 What’s Coming Up
The Porter County Career and Technical Center has a great atmosphere for students to learn, gain new friends, and experience a different kind of schooling than they would receive at their home school.

With that being said, the students at the Porter County Career Center know that they get rewarded for their good behavior and strong work ethic in the classroom.

This past fall, the Porter County Career Center held a Bonfire Extravaganza for students and staff.

It was a great time! Students and staff were pleased at how well it went.

Now instead of a bonfire or outside activity for students, the Career Center has decided to plan more of an inside/sightseeing activity for students.

On February 15, 2018, students that have a permission slip turned in will be able to go to the Chicago Auto Show!

Students will be able to go to the Chicago Auto Show by showing up before 4:00 p.m. and filling out a permission slip!

The Chicago Auto Show will be from 4:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. Being so late in the day, students won’t have to worry about being hungry before the show, though. The Porter County Career Center will order pizza for students and staff before the bus ride.

The cost will be $7 to attend this field trip. This includes the food, transportation, and admission.

Students will be able to bring one family member with Mr. Groth’s approval.