#1StudentNWI: Proms, Trips and Interactive Plays at Morgan Township High School

Prom season is always a big highlight of the school year. Especially when you come from a smaller school and everyone in the community comes to see all of the prom-goers dressed in the finest attire. This year's prom theme was a "Black Tie Affair." The high school gymnasium was transformed from its everyday look into a flashy runway with elegant decorations. As couples strolled down the walkway, spectators oohed and ahhhhd at the gorgeous gowns the girls had on and the dapper suits their escorts wore.

Before departing from the school and heading to the banquet center, the prom King and Queen were announced. The 2015 prom King was Josh Wittmer and the queen was yours truly, Rachel Meeks. Both students were extremely surprised and grateful for all of their wonderful classmates who made that moment of the night possible. Nearly 100 students danced the night away at Old Town Banquet Center after enjoying dinner. There was also the opportunity to take pictures in the photo booth with your friends, which many people did. Prom success can easily and much deservingly be credited to Mrs. Braun and Mrs. Weaver. The two ladies, along with the help of the prom committee did a great job of putting everything together to make prom one to remember.

Students at Morgan are very dynamic. They can go from having fun at prom one night to serving the community the next. The Morgan Township National Honor Society did just this by performing a group project at Adam's Cemetery. Members were told to grab their rakes, shovels, bags, and shears in preparation for this particular project.

For two hours members of the club cleaned up the area and performed basic landscaping tasks. Shrubs were cleaned, dead plants were removed, and the goal to create a respectful area for those who have passed was accomplished. It was a great group effort that improved the grounds appearance and brought everyone together for a common goal. The students enjoyed working together and by doing so made time fly by. Although it was a cooler day, everyone put their best foot forward and got the tasks done with a breeze.

A wonderful performance of a whodunit play was recently put on this weekend by the Morgan Township High School Drama Club. This was a new twist in the play productions from Morgan as it required audience participation in order for it to be a success.

Three Doors to Death was a two-day event with performance on Saturday and Sunday. As the play began, the audience was introduced to the scene of the play which started with a tragic murder. Then we met the lead detective, play by senior Kate Stanko. Throughout the play Kate would ask members of the audience if the cast should search for motives, or identify the killer. The actors had to work very hard to memorize the different outcomes and act according to whichever options the viewers chose for them to act out. Overall, the play was fun, interactive, and a breath of fresh air in the Morgan Township Drama Department! A wonderful job to all the actors!

At Morgan Township, students have the option to either learn German or Spanish. Currently, those in the German program are working hard to raise funds in order to go on a German trip in the summer of 2016. On this trip students will visit historically famous castles such as Neuschwanstein, the castle Walt Disney based his Magic Kingdom castle off of, experience German culture, and most importantly, improve and put their German language abilities.

The trip is a great opportunity for students to experience the world through an educational experience. The German teacher, Paula Swan has taken a group to Germany twice, once as a tour and most recently an exchange. Both trips were huge successes and left memories and experiences that will last a lifetime. On Wednesday, May 20th, the local Culvers is partnering with the German club and donating proceeds from the day to help support the trip! Thank you Culvers and thank you to members of the community who come out and support the day!

Coming up events for the rest of the school year include the high school awards banquet on Wednesday, May 20th, finals, and of course graduation. Until then enjoy the beautiful and enjoy the company of those around you!