#1StudentNWI: Successful Students Making Their Way at the Porter County Career and Technical Center

PCCTCSummer1Events This Previous School Year That Deserve Recognition:

The Porter County Career Center holds a blood drive every few weeks for all students and staff to help support the community. The health occupation and health careers classes help the nurses and students through the entire process to keep involved and to show the students their part in helping the community too, even if they are not donating blood themselves. Every blood drive the students will go classroom-to-classroom asking students if they wanted to donate blood, and their diligence paid off! According to the Red Cross they were the #1 High School Blood Drive in Porter County throughout the school year! Their time and effort is much appreciated by all of the people that take advantage of their donations by also by their loved ones who are thankful they could survive. The Career Center is also very proud of their accomplishment and their dedication! Let’s keep up the good work and work hard to be #1 again this upcoming school year!

In addition to that incredible accomplishment, 6 of our students were offered full-time jobs and full ride scholarships! The full-time jobs are well paid and are to help support the students. The full-ride scholarship is for Vincennes University in Indiana to further the student’s education to boost their potential in the work field! This opportunity is incredible and unique and we share the celebration with the students awarded; the young adults now are our future and students like these can potentially benefit our entire community in multiple ways. With the lack of effort shown from teens today we see many skill required jobs being unfilled but these students are the above average students that are working not only to provide for themselves in the future but to make the future a little brighter. A large majority of the students were from Morgan Township, which comes to show that even small schools have potential of great success in their halls.

PCCTCSummer2Previous Student Spotlight:

Harrison Draves was previously in our electronics class and graduated from Washington Township then proceed to graduate from Purdue North Central with a degree in electronic engineering. While in the electronics class Harrison had a huge part in setting up and creating the solar panels that line up on our roof. Even though he worked at Task Force Tips he still was able to graduate college and after graduating he landed a job at Fronies, a solar panel manufacturer. We wanted to recognize Harrison Draves because he was a huge part of our solar project and was able to move on to bigger things like working at Fronies. He is just another success story of a student coming from the Porter County Career Center.

Alicia Wood, a student that graduated this previous year had a illness that helped motivate her to find her career path. Alicia worked hard the rest of high school knowing she wanted to be in the medical field to help other people. Her consistent motivation and positive attitude to make a difference awarded her by multiple scholarships granted to her one day being from the Porter County Career Center itself. Alicia is an inspiration to all ages to be diligent in making a difference.

Future Events:

August 3rd there is a charity golf outing the staff is involved in. Just another way our fellow staff and students are working to benefit the community, and in the most creative ways as well.

Also, the first day of school is August 19th! The building will be full of excited juniors that are now upperclassmen along with all the seniors who have had senioritis since becoming a freshman. This year holds lots of new and exciting events for the Career Center and also for the community in general. Each student has the opportunity to be involved in these events to make a difference in someone’s life or just simply to make a friend. Each year is unique to us and displays the many opportunities we have to make an impact on another person’s life. At the beginning of June there was a 4-day camp so give the incoming freshman a taste of what we offer and also help motivate them before they ever start school, and in that camp one student said that his favorite part was the friendliness and the willingness to help.

On August 28th there will be another blood drive held by the Health Careers/ Health Occupation classes to start off a great year of donating! We would love to be the #1 high school in Porter County for the second year in the row! Every pint of blood counts and meeting new friends in the process is even better. We thank our students for all of their hard work!