#1StudentNWI: Summertime Fun and Goodbyes at Morgan Township High School

By: Rachel Meeks Last Updated: July 7, 2015

MorganHSSummer1Now that school has come to an end for Morgan Township, things are beginning to slow down as summer vacation kicks in. This year the school had a 100% graduation rate which is not surprising coming from such an outstanding school that truly cares about its students.

The graduation ceremony was absolutely beautiful. As students came walking down the gym floor. friends and family lightly cheered and applauded each for their own success and for making it to this huge milestone in their lives. Looking back on high school now, we have all realized that without struggle, there is no reward. Even though there were times when senioritis was in full swing, we pushed through it and maintained phenomenal GPAs, scored well on exams, and even put in those extra hours of studying to attain valuable information.

Many students were also much decorated at graduation. There were those with National Honor Society cords, Technical Honor Society cords, HOSA cords, and American Red Cross cords. Everyone looked great in their caps and gowns and you could truly see the men and women that each and everyone of them have become.

MorganHSSummer2Graduation only marks the beginning of the rest of our lives. Now, students are heading off in various directions in hope of further success and gaining more education to improve their lives as well as others. A total of three student will be joining the military, six will attend Purdue, five Vincennes, three Ivy Tech, one at U of Indy, ten at PNC, one at Ball State, six will attend out of state schools, two IU, three IUPUI, six at Valparaiso University, one at Trine, two at Indiana State University, one at Ancilla, and one at Butler.

Along with that two ladies have signed to play sports at their school of choice. Morgan Lippens, attending Ancilla will play softball while furthering her studies and Alexa Kartje will be joining Trine’s volleyball team to become an asset to both their sports and academic fields. One thing's for sure, no matter where these students go, they are guaranteed to be successful and always put their best foot forward.

MorganHsSummer3Along with the anticipation of graduation, the Horticulture vocational course was working hard to finish up landscaping in front of the school. This course, taught by Mrs. Angie Sutherlin, has worked hard to transform the landscaping into something new and fresh that will beautify the school even more as well as demonstrate the hard work that the students have put in to complete the end of year project. Aside from completing this project, they also finished up a butterfly tribute garden at Self School. Both results turned out amazing and are now enjoyed by everyone who views them.

To sum up the school year at Morgan, I would say we have made it through a lot TOGETHER. Together, we managed to move on after the loss of a beloved student. Together, we jumped up and awed in the miracle as Josh defeated the odds and attended graduation after receiving his chemo treatment, together, we were the laughter that filled the hallways during passing period. Together we studied and worked on completing class projects. Together we dressed up and attended various banquets and award ceremonies. Together we made it through the second semester and completed our finals. Finally, we are moving on to new chapters in our lives. Graduating wasn’t something that we did as individuals, but rather something that we did together. I leave you now with the class of 2015’s motto:

As each of us follows our path in life, we will remember these years. We will remember our friends, the laughter, and the pain. Our smiles reflect the memories locked deep within our hearts. Future dreams shine like bright stars against distant nights. We have grown so much, and yet we will grow forever.

Congratulations Class of 2015 and good luck to future classes! Also, thank you to all the administration, staff, teachers, lunch ladies, janitors, and the community for the constant support and all that you do, without you, little would be done.