#1StudentNWI: Washington Township Key Club Makes a Difference

#1StudentNWI: Washington Township Key Club Makes a Difference

What’s Going On: Hurricane Harvey Relief

The Key Club Council at Washington Township not only makes an impact locally, but they make a national impact as well.

Key Club is a high school volunteer service program that works alongside the Kiwanis organization to help those in the community. In the past, Key Club has volunteered at events such as the Popcorn Fest, Opportunity Enterprises Pack-a-Thon, multiple events hosted at Sunset Hills Farm, 5K races, and biking events.

Key Club President Emma Rice said, “I would best describe Washington Townships Key Club Council as an upbeat, fun, active club that always gives you opportunities to make friends and make a difference within the community members live in.”

The Key Club students are currently working on a community service project designed to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey throughout Texas. This idea was brought about by Key Club’s Vice President and State Webmaster Bobby Walker. Students would be able to wear pajamas on September 6, 2017 if they donate one dollar to hurricane relief. The students raised approximately $160.00 by wearing pajamas, and, for a small school such as Washington Township, the outcome was successful.

Key Club strives to make a difference, no matter how big or small. The students of Washington Township’s Key Club hope their small act of service towards the Hurricane Harvey relief encourages other students to get involved in their school and learn how to make a change in their community.

Student Spotlight: Key Club President Emma Rice

1Student-Washington-Township-September-2017-03Emma Rice transferred to Washington Township when she was a freshman; being new to the school, Rice knew she wanted to get involved with clubs and find her voice within her student body. Making use of her drive to help others, Rice quickly found her place within Washington Township’s Key Club. Rice attended Key Club’s State Convention in the spring of her freshmen year, and, upon returning from the State Convention, she accepted the position of Historian. As Washington Township’s Key Club Historian, Rice exposed herself to countless opportunities enhancing both her leadership abilities and the role she played in her community.

After serving a term as Historian, Rice then accepted the position of Key Club President. Since accepting this title, Rice has attended other leadership conferences to ensure she is the best leader possible for her council. Holding the title of President of a such a prestigious club as a junior is an impressive accomplishment in itself, but Rice plans on furthering her leadership career.

She hopes to become the Key Club District Lieutenant Governor. Through this position, she would help survey schools in the Duneland District and help Key Club state officers with decision making for the state.

Key Club Advisor Barbara Rea said, “When I first met Emma, she was very quiet but exceeded all expectations. She actually won the state's Key Clubber of the Year Award. She has matured into a very positive, passionate and persuasive leader, and her dedication gets stronger with each undertaking.”

Washington Township is extremely fortunate to have a leader like Rice, who is not only making a difference in the community but is positively impacting her student body by giving other students an example of what it means to be an efficient and successful leader.

Teacher Spotlight: Key Club Advisor Barbara Rea

1Student-Washington-Township-September-2017-02During her time at Washington Township, Barbara Rea has been the Key Club Advisor for four years, and she has experienced a variety of councils consisting of diverse groups of students.

“In my time as an advisor I have seen so many wonderful things. I have seen our club enrollment grow. I have been able to take students to the State Conventions where they were inspired to run for (and win) State Offices. I have seen students change from being quiet and withdrawn to becoming strong, vocal leaders. I have seen the genuine caring and selflessness of the members of the Noon Kiwanis group as they organize community events and donate to many, many groups worldwide,” Rea said.

Washington Township is special because it unites diverse groups of students for a common cause, be it cheering on sports teams, having students encourage one another to do well on a test, or, in this case, allowing students to help their community. For the 2017-2018 school year, Rea has high expectations for her current council.

“The work ethic and commitment of our officers is incredible. I have been blessed with the opportunity to work with many students whose focus is on making the world a better place one step at a time. One officer wanted to restart the K-Kids program at the elementary school, and did so. The program continues this year. One student wanted to help the Moraine Ridge Wildlife Rehabilitation Center and collected items for them. One student focused on getting school supplies packed in backpacks for a school in India. Our President this year, Emma, wants to focus on raising funds to help the Hoosier Burn Camp. I am always amazed by what these students accomplish year after year,” Rea said.

Recently, Rea was very pleased to hear the students expressing interest in Hurricane Harvey and how they could help those affected by the flooding.

“The students are already focusing on what we can do to help those impacted by Hurricane Irma. Although we are a small school, I am proud of the various donations we make year after year. Right now we are selling Butter Braids for the Hoosier Burn Camp,” Rea said.

1Student-Washington-Township-September-2017-01Washington Township is honored to have Rea leading the Key Club. Under her leadership, students have accomplished noteworthy things, and they are not planning on stopping any time soon.

What’s Coming Up: American Red Cross Blood Drives

Providing a donation to those affected by the Hurricane Harvey was both rewarding and humbling; it forced students to look at how fortunate they are to still have a roof over their heads and their loved ones all together in one place.

Those affected by Hurricane Harvey have lost everything, with the things they lost being either being replaceable or irreplaceable. It takes a devoted group of individuals to help in times of serious distress, and the Washington Township Key Club exemplifies that devotion.

1Student-Washington-Township-September-2017-04Another cause the Key Club supports is the American Red Cross. Throughout the course of the 2017-2018 school year, Washington Township is scheduled to host Blood Drives to support countless people affected by natural disasters. In years past, Washington Township has provided an impressive amount of help. For each pint of blood of donated, three lives will have been saved.

Washington Township is a small community full of big hearts. Students are constantly thinking of what they can do to better themselves and others, which is yet another aspect of Washington Township that makes the community such a special place.

Key Club allows students to collaborate with faculty to accomplish a goal. It instills the morals of leadership, character, compassion, and inclusiveness in its members, which students will uphold throughout their lives. Key Club’s way of life is to care.