#1StudentNWI: What’s Happening at Valparaiso High School?

By: Malika Saxena Last Updated: February 12, 2015


Imagine waking up at 5 am. Imagine waking up at 5 am on a Saturday… Now, imagine waking up at 5 am every Saturday for four months. That is the life of your ordinary debate member.

Ever since October, students have been actively preparing for region-wide meets that take place every week, and yes, have woken up well before the sun is up. But this past weekend marked the end of a remarkable season: The State Competition.

Schools from all across Indiana came to Kokomo High School to compete in a variety of events, including Public Forum, Lincoln-Douglas, Policy, and Congress. Valparaiso High School placed 5th overall, and students from each event at VHS made it to semi-finals.

Coach Chriselle Waters could not have been prouder of her team saying, “It’s amazing to see how far these kids come, from the beginning of the year, to the end. Watching them grow as a debater is definitely an incredible feeling.”


With over 15 clubs at Valparaiso High School dedicated to making our community a better place, VHS UNICEF, founded by four students with similar mindsets, is unlike any other. As a supporter of UNICEF: United Nations Children’s Fund, this club’s mission is to help students become involved with children around the world who are desperate for help.

Secretary Olivia Rosario says, “We hope to see everyone at our school and community help people in countries like Ethiopia, Haiti, Guatemala, and Nepal, where children just like us, find it difficult to seek education or clean water or even clothing.”

When the sophomore class was asked what they thought of this new club, the response was phenomenal. Many students claimed that they were very excited in participating in upcoming fundraisers and learning more about little things that make big differences.

It just so proves that teenagers in our society are willing to go above and beyond in making sure that they play a role, however small it may be, in helping some people lead happier lives. Love is in the air

As we enter the middle of February, there is a significant change in the attitudes of high school students, and this change is encouraged by the upcoming King of Hearts dance. This year’s theme of Alice in Wonderland is unlike any other, and is definitely stirring up a steady hum of excitement.

What’s different about this dance is that the girls, not the boys, are required to put on a brave and confident front when they ask someone else to be their date.

“KOH is so exciting because after the dreary January weather and final exams, this dance is something that everyone looks forward to, whether it be with dress shopping or with coming up with fun and creative ideas for girls to ask out the guys or even with waiting to see the embarrassment and nervousness on the guys’ faces when asked,” says a joking Brooke Mckeon.

But aside from this upcoming dance, VHS’s National Honor Society also does a little something in the spirit of Valentine’s Day. Annually, students are encouraged to buy roses for their friends, lovers or even teachers to show their appreciation. For the past two days, students have been receiving a variety of flowers with small, cute notes, throughout the day.

Seeing the looks of joy on their faces is incredible, knowing that these simple acts of kindness definitely go a long way.


Recently, the Women’s Swimming & Diving saw some outstanding results at the sectionals meet in LaPorte. Annie Rastovski (JR), Elizabeth Simac(FR), Brianna Pniak (FR), and Erin Delahunty(SR) placed second in their final 200 yard medley race. Elizabeth Simac(FR) and Brianna Pniak(FR) placed 2nd and 3rd respectively in the 200 yard IM. These exceptional team members contributed to the team’s winning 2nd place.

Overall, four swimmers from the team will be advancing to the state competition held at IUPUI this Friday. And, with it being Friday the 13th… we can only wish these athletes the greatest of luck!