#1StudentNWI: Winter Happenings at Boone Grove High School

#1StudentNWI: Winter Happenings at Boone Grove High School

Winter Chill!
As all the students at BGHS are getting back in the routine of waking up in the morning and going to school, Mother Nature decided to send snow our way. We had just gotten back and the next day it was snowing and the wind-chill was at a crazy level.

Dr. Stacey Schmidt, Porter Township's wonderful Superintendent, decided to give the students two snow days to keep us safe from the frigid temperatures. Although many teachers would've liked to go to school that day, she did what was best for us all. Many students were happy to sleep in and have no homework but the teacher's were actually the opposite!

Boone Grove Quarterly Finals
Just before our winter break, students took their first semester finals. Now that we're back and wrapping up the first semester, we are also wrapping up our second quarter. That calls for quarterlies!

Boone Grove High School students each have an iPad and use it for many things such as books, notes, checking grades and more. There is also a special app on our iPads called My Big Campus. This app allows teachers and students to communicate very easily. Teachers can assign their students assignments such as the quarterly and that's just what the teachers are doing.

I asked an upperclassman student how they felt about taking the final on a iPad, rather than paper and pencil and they replied, "Honestly, I'd rather take test on the iPad any day over paper and pencil. I can read the text easier and, since kids our age use technology to do other things, why not use them for tests?"

Students are now studying hard and hoping to get good grades on their tests.

Coming up at Boone

Science Fair
Boone Grove freshmen have been working hard for several months on science projects. Each student was to pick a project they'd like to do then work on it November through December. This past week Mr. Snow's class has been getting their poster and report finished up and have been presenting their projects to their class.

That's not where it stops though! Students in all of Mr. Snow's biology classes are gathering Thursday to have their posters and projects evaluated by selected judges. Some of these projects have gone very far. Students who signed up for it have the chance to go to the Regional Science Fair, State Science Fair and even the International Science Fair! One of Mr. Snow's former students did so well that he even got a full ride to Valparaiso University! Although there are not very many who signed up for the science fair, most of the participants are hoping to go far with their projects.

I interviewed a student about his project and the science fair and he said, "I worked pretty hard on this project and I'm hoping I can at least go to state. National and International would be an amazing experience though."

Key Club Fundraising
Boone Grove Key Club loves serving their community but sometimes don't have all the funds needed. What's that call for? That's right, fundraising! Key Clubbers, as they are called, are selling chocolate bars in order to get the funds they need to do community service. They are working on many projects. This month they plan on helping the Kiwanis Club at Valparaiso High School as they put on the Purdue Glee Club Concert. Key Club is doing great and are continuing to do much more every month!.

Teacher and Staff Shout Outs!
In the first semester BGHS had a wonderful head principal, Mr. DeRossett. He had gotten a job offer in southern Indiana to be the superintendent and there was a chance he was going to take it but none of the students knew for sure. When we came back, the students saw a familiar face as the new principle, Mr. Corman. He was an English teacher and a coach. All of the students wish him luck as he takes on the new position!

Also, Congratulations to Mr. McKay! He has been a boys basketball coach for awhile and just recently hit a milestone. He celebrated his 500th Varsity game with a win over Hobart! His team is very proud of him and BGHS is proud of him and Coach McKay bringing home the wins! Go Wolves!