2014 Indiana Fallen Officer Blood Drive

indiana-fallen-officer-blood-drive-eposterSgt. Dan R. Starnes, Sheriff’s Deputy with the Morgan County Sheriff Department, lost his life in the line of duty by gunfire on July 10, 2001. Our son Ryan was riding with his dad and was also shot and thankfully survived. To keep Dan’s legacy alive I started a blood drive in Morgan County in Dan’s honor. The first drive was held in August 2001 in Morgan Co & every year thereafter until I requested we take the blood drive to the State wide level in 2007.

In 2007 the IN Fallen Office Blood Drives went State wide in honor of Dan and all of our fallen officers.
The blood drive was renamed from Sgt. Dan R. Starnes Memorial Blood Drive to Indiana Fallen Officer Blood Drive.
The initial goal was set at 1,500 units – we received 5,035 units in 2007 with 130 separate blood drives held throughout the State
Even with the floods across the State, we rec’d 4,876 units in 2008 (4,865 units) with 128 separate blood drives held
4,980 units of blood were rec’d from across the State in 2009 with over 120 blood drives in 2009
Over 110 blood drives were held with 4,700 units collected in 2010
Over 130 drives were held with 5,074 units collected in 2011
Over 140 drives were held in 2012 totaling 4,775 units.
Over 120 blood drives were held in 2013, totaling 3,981 units.
The blood drive raises awareness of the sacrifices that ALL our Indiana Fallen Officers have made in every Indiana County.

IN Fallen Officer Blood Drive Totals

5,035 Units Collected 2007
4,876 Units Collected 2008
4,980 Units Collected 2009
4,700 Units Collected 2010
5, 705 Units Collected 2011
4,775 Units Collected 2012
3,981 Units Collected 2013

Grand Total = 34,052