2014 Valpo Velvet Celebrates the End of the Year with Annual Party

Nothing says Valparaiso like a waffle cone from Valpo Velvet Ice Cream Company. Over the past few decades, Valpo Velvet has revolutionized the ice cream market in the region; citizens from all over make special trips to experience Valpo’s very own. However, all good things must come to an end… for the season, at least. Valpo Velvet teamed up with ValpoLife to host Valpo Velvet’s End of Year Party on the afternoon of Friday, December 26th.

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Cathy Brown, owner of Valpo Velvet said, “The purpose of the event today is to celebrate the end of our 67th year in business. ValpoLife has always been a great partner so we pair up and have a day of specials.”

Throughout the day, the business offered lunch specials, free ice cream with lunch, and random giveaways. Customers had the chance to interact with the owners and win some prizes. Everyone was stoked to be there; not only were they supporting an amazing local business, but took their last opportunity to savor Valpo Velvet’s delicious food before it closed for the next couple of months.

Jenny Craig, Ideas in Motion Media Executive Team Leader said, “Valpo Velvet will be closing for the season, so we’re trying to squeeze in one last meal and scoop of ice cream. It’s been a great year for Valpo Velvet and we’re all here to celebrate it.”

Additionally, customers had the opportunity to attend group tours at 1:00 and 3:00. The group tours were a way to educate the community on the art of making delicious ice cream. Citizens were able familiarize themselves with the business and learn the ins and outs of Valpo Velvet’s machinery. Katie Brown, daughter of Cathy, led the tours.

She said, “Making ice cream is a lot harder than people think. It’s a lot of hard work, and I’m really proud of what my family has made.”

Valpo Velvet has done much more in the community than produce the best ice cream in town. It continues to better the community through philanthropy in any way, shape, or form possible. For example, Valpo Velvet has served as the venue for a Valparaiso High School student run organization, the Alliance of Students Against Poverty’s (ASAP) Benefit Concert. Student musicians take center stage; all of the proceeds go to surrounding homeless shelter. Moreover, food proceeds that Valpo Velvet obtains during the event go towards the homeless shelter, as well.

In conclusion, Valpo Velvet’s End of Year Party ended the year off on a positive note. It goes without saying that the lines will be out the door when it opens up again spring!