2015 Calvary Church of Valparaiso Celebrated Father’s Day in the Park

By: Erin Evers Last Updated: June 21, 2015

The congregation of Calvary Church of Valparaiso held a special service in Central Park Plaza to celebrate Father’s Day. The fathers of the community were honored with this yearly service where the whole church came together in worship.

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This event has been going on for three years now and has become somewhat of a tradition for the ever growing church.

”Our church is growing and we have about 1500 people spread out over three services. Pastor Lionel just loves to have everybody all together at one time and see his entire flock all here. We are here to celebrate dads, come out and have a picnic, see some cool cars and enjoy some vendors,” Event Coordinator, Robyn Walsworth said.

Before the service started, families enjoyed seeing some vintage cars at the car show and getting some food or ice cream from the vendors. Kids had a blast playing Frisbee and soccer before everyone found a spot to enjoy the service.

The service started out with the children of the congregation performing songs and getting everyone in high spirits after Pastor Lionel took to the Amphitheatre stage to welcome everyone.

Being a Pastor of such a large church, Senior Pastor Lionel Young and Student Ministry Pastor Mark Lackey took today as a chance for everyone to be together in one place. Central Park Plaza was the perfect spot to come together and enjoy the day.

"The word Gospel means good news and we believe with all of our hearts that God loves us and created us to find enjoyment in Him and joy in this life. We believe God is pleased when His people pray together and play together, so that’s what we are doing here today. We also love our community, Valparaiso and Northwest Indiana. This is a great opportunity for us to get outdoors together and enjoy our city on Father’s Day,” Pastor Lionel said.

With over 1500 people gathered in Central Park Plaza, the band provided live music that really helped everyone worship together.

”Calvary church is in the central part of the city and looking at how we partner with the city, saying that we welcome everyone to be a part of it, is an awesome part about being here,” Pastor Lackey said.

In a day that celebrates and honors fathers everywhere, worshipping in Central Park turned out to be a great way for Calvary Church to spend the day with families and their church.