2015 Purdue Extension-Porter County Master Gardeners Association Scholarships and Grants

By: Contributor Last Updated: February 12, 2015

Purdue-ExtensionIn keeping with their goal of community outreach and "helping others grow" the Purdue Extension-Porter County Master Gardeners Association (PCMGA) invite individuals, groups, or charitable organizations in Porter County and the immediate surrounding area to apply for $1,000 scholarships, $500 Community Service Donations, $250 Community Grants, or $250 Edible Garden Grants.

The PCMGA will award up to three, annual, non-renewable scholarships of $1,000 each to a college sophomore, junior, or senior who is majoring in the field of landscape design, horticulture, botany, or a closely-related field.

Secondly, Community Service Donations of up to $500 will be awarded to 501(C)3 organizations involved in some way in gardening or horticulture. If an organization has already received a $500 donation, it is ineligible to apply for at least 3 years.

Thirdly, PCMGA also bestows Community Grants of up to $250 each to individuals or groups who have a gardening or horticulture project proposal. This includes, but is not limited to, public and private school teachers, Sunday school teachers, Boys and Girls Club leaders, 4-H Clubs, community organizations, and volunteer individuals.

Finally, Edible Garden Grants of $250 each, will be awarded exclusively to gardens (new or expansions) that are dedicated to feeding the hungry by donating to local food pantries that accept fresh produce.

Only one application may be submitted per project. A total of two projects per organization may be submitted for consideration.

Last year’s $500 Community Service Donations were awarded to The Valparaiso Family YMCA Green Thumb Project, Share Foundation, Portage Community Garden Oasis for Migrating Monarchs, and Safe Harbor Horticulture Growing-Up Green. Community Grants of $250 went to Duneland Montessori Academy Native Plant and Flower Border, Hilltop Neighborhood Gardening with Elementary and Preschoolers. The $250 Edible Garden recipients were Portage Twp. Bonner Senior Center, Valparaiso First Presbyterian Church-Just Good Food, Portage First Presbyterian Church Community Garden, Safe Harbor Horticulture Growing Up Green.

Applications may be delivered to the Purdue Extension- Porter Co. Office, 155 Indiana Ave., Suite 301, Valparaiso, IN 46383 by 4:30 on Friday, March 13, 2015. If mailed, they must be postmarked on or by March 6, 2015. Any and all late applications will be considered in July, 2015. For further details and application go to http://pcgarden.info/wordpress/grants-scholarships/.