2017 Valpo Brewfest, Indiana Beverage Bring Breweries and Community Together at Annual Celebration of Beer

2017 Valpo Brewfest, Indiana Beverage Bring Breweries and Community Together at Annual Celebration of Beer

The 8th annual Valpo Brewfest is one of the biggest brewfests in Indiana. Many different brew lovers across the states were brought together on a lovely, sunny Saturday afternoon to celebrate their beverage of choice. There was nothing sweeter than the smell of freshly brewed, ice-cold beer on a hot day to cool one off, as attendees mentioned. Indiana Beverage, a family-owned beer wholesaler catering to Northwest Indiana, introduced several of the beer varieties they distribute to brew lovers, but also to help out the community.

Kelly Campbell, the Marketing Coordinator at Indiana Beverage, explained how the brewfest grew along with the City of Valparaiso.

“The Brewfest is very special because it is hometown,” Campbell described. “Valparaiso has done so much to bring all of the communities together. This event brings the retailers, the suppliers, and Indiana Beverage together.”

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With over 3,500 tickets sold at the Brewfest, a lot of money was raised. All of the proceeds from one of the Indiana Beverage tents went to the Boys & Girls Club that afternoon.

“We’re selling all of the merchandise and having a raffle,” Campbell stated, “One hundred percent of the proceeds are going to the Boys & Girls Club.”

The City of Valparaiso came a long way to create the Pavilion and the Central Park where this event was located. Jeff Leetz, Vice President of Indiana Beverage, described how the event - and Valparaiso - are special to him.

“This has been a fantastic event for our community for a number of years,” Leetz recalled. “Valparaiso Events does an amazing job of putting on events like this.”

Craft Beer Supervisor of Indiana Beverage, Mark Hortsmann, also explained how important these events are to bring communities together.

“These events in general are so much fun,” Hortsmann exclaimed. “It is getting the community out and trying all of these different beers. It is comradery with beer.”

Sun King and Ballast Point are two of the 42 partnerships with Indiana Beverage that attended the event, as Hortsmann explained.

Nicole Haworth, Distribution Manager at Sun King, described their brewery.

“Sun King is the second largest brewery based in Indiana,” said Hawthorth. “We’re out of downtown in Indianapolis.”

Ballast Point, a brewery that started off in San Diego, California over 20 years ago and another partner of Indiana Beverage, was very popular at the event as well. Joe Doyel, Indiana Sales Representative at Ballast Point, described the type of beer they sell.

“We make award winning beer,” said Doyel. “We’re very highly rated”

Even though Valparaiso has expanded over the years, it still gives people that small town feel that they love. Community events like the Valpo Brewfest are a great way to bring friends, community, and brew lovers from everywhere to celebrate with music, food, and a peaceful city.

“We’re celebrating beer,” Campbell exclaimed. “The best beverage to celebrate with!”

Indiana Beverage and the Valpo Events were to thank for making an event like this one possible.

As Leetz, concluded, “Beer brings people together!”