34th Annual Lakefront Art Festival Provides Great Showcases for Local Artists

Incredible art, a gorgeous location, and a beautiful day - for the people of the Lubeznik Center for the Arts, it couldn’t of been a more perfect combination to put on a festival. For the past 34 years the Lubeznik Center for the Arts has hosted their Lakefront Art Festival in Michigan City.

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For 2015, the festival featured around 90 artists on hand, showcasing and selling their wonderful work under artfully decorated tents on the beautiful beachfront of Washington Park. The festival is host to many local and regional artists, all who were welcomed in by the Lubeznik Center. The festival is a fundraiser for the center, but it is also a great way for the Michigan City community to see the wondrous talents that are accessible everyday in their own backyard.

“This is Lubeznik’s biggest event that is accessible by anyone who appreciates the arts.” Lubeznik Marketing Director Amy Davis stated. “It’s really an access point to anyone who wants to be a part of this experience. Some of our other fundraisers are aimed at a crowd who have already been engaged with the arts in Michigan City. It draws in people who might have been relaxing at the beach or whomever saw it along the road. They can walk in and absorb what the artists have to offer in their own way.”

With low admissions and a picture perfect day at the beach, the art festival drew in people who were interested about what the fest had to offer. Some were first timers and curious observers, but others were festival regulars. John Condon, who travels from Homewood, Illinois to Michigan City for the weekends, said that he and his family have been coming to Lubeznik’s Lakefront Art Festival for years.

“I think what keeps us coming year after year is that the artwork constantly gets better.” Condon explained. “It increasingly gets more interesting as this festival goes on. The festival also provides a lot of inspiration to the people that come here - everyone’s got a little bit of an artist in them. We love supporting Lubeznik and this is a great way to do it.”

The artists, who came from near and far, certainly supplied the attendees with a little bit of inspiration. The festival garnered various type of art - from painting to photography to metal work - which showcased something for every kind of art consumer. One of the more traditional booths was from artist Kate Strong, who fabricates hats and coats for women and kids. Strong, who is from Chicago but has been selling her work at the festival for over 10 years, said that the event is a good opportunity to be a part of a great merging of talents.

“Every summer I come to visit friends here in Michigan City and around the time I come the festival happens - and it’s a great opportunity to immerse myself in this area.” Strong stated. “It’s a good show for different artists and especially for those first timers, this is a great venue to try out selling their work if they are a local artist. It’s good to see this community to come out and support the arts and this festival.”

Besides the adults and the Lubeznik Center veterans, there’s something for the kids too. Kids can do watercoloring painting throughout the festival, but there are also special activities throughout the day at the fesetivals’ Whatever Lab tent. There will also be kids band the Lucky Trikes on scene Sunday to sing and tell some stories. Other sponsored booths provide different information for the whole family, and there’s also various food vendors to get some treats in the parking lot just outside the gates.

Though Lubeznik kicked off the 34th annual Lakefront Arts Festival with a successful Saturday - there’s still Sunday to enjoy what Lubeznik and the artists have to offer. The festival continues on Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm. Tickets are only $4 for adults, and admission is free for LCA members, children under twelve and active military members.

There is also free off-site parking and shuttles available. Make sure your four-legged friends are left at home as they will not be allowed to appreciate the art in the park - as much as they might want to come. The festival is a wonderful treat to art lovers and admirers in the region, and there’s no reason not to stop by and appreciate the great talent that calls Northwest Indiana home.