A Boulder Bay Employee Spotlight: Heather Compton

A Boulder Bay Employee Spotlight: Heather Compton

Heather Compton works, serves, and builds the place she has called home sweet home her entire life-- the City of Chesterton, Ind.  

Her plate is more full than most, as she juggles many responsibilities. Yet, she has found peace within this fullness, and continues to generously give her time to the Region, something she is truly passionate about. 

“I love where I live, and I’ve been able to learn about the area more so because of that,” Compton said. 

Compton went to college for marine biology and science. Even though she doesn’t use her degree on a daily basis, she is grateful for the knowledge she gained. 

“College was a life learning experience. There, I volunteered as a firefighter and loved it. It was really fun for me. I also dabbled in construction,” Compton said. 

As Compton continued to grow, she pondered the thought of attaining her realtor’s license. 

“I thought, ‘Why don’t I just get my license?’,” Compton said. “So, I did. The first house I sold was my mother’s, and it was a nice way to start off. For me, I like the fact that I have a deeper insight on what they could do with their possible home. I help others see the potential.”

Compton serves as a full-time firefighter at the Chesterton Fire Department. Her other full-time job? A realtor at Boulder Bay Realty. 

“One day Lynda Anderson gave me a call, and we went out for coffee,” Compton said. “I loved what Boulder Bay had to offer, and I felt at home there. Sometimes when you are new, it’s difficult--but everyone has been so sweet and are always offering advice.” 

In her and her husband’s free time, they enjoy flipping houses and regularly DIY’ing items for others’ homes and their own. 

“My husband is a firefighter, too. We met at the station when we were both hired on. We have a 6-year-old adventurous daughter, Dakota.”

Right now, the Compton family is living in a house that is currently in the process of being flipped. For them, it’s no bother that their home is under construction. In fact, that lifestyle has been a part of their lives since their wedding day. 

“The money my husband and I got from our wedding was put directly into the funds for our first flip. The family thought we were crazy. Now we have completed over eight homes,” Compton explained. 

Compton also works with Rebuilding Together, the leading national nonprofit that repairs homes, revitalizes communities, and rebuilds lives for veterans, the elderly, and low-income households. 

“I love flipping homes, and being in real estate. I am able to help customers see what the potential of their house could be because of my background. Even when I am showing off a house that is completely gutted, I am able to reveal what it could be. 

Compton specializes in highlighting each home’s character by suggesting affordable DIY’s that can improve the space.

For Compton, being well rooted has made her job as a realtor fun and keeps her clients at ease knowing she is familiar with the Region.

“I have the background where I can spell out everything for my clients,” Compton explained. 

Compton and her family live in Chesterton on a 10-acre farm. They love to hunt, camp, and adventure outdoors often. 

“I love to give back and be overly active in the community. It just gives you that warm fuzzy feeling.” 

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