A Brilliant Results Employee Spotlight: Kaitlynn Bickerstaff and Jenna Picciola

A Brilliant Results Employee Spotlight: Kaitlynn Bickerstaff and Jenna Picciola
By: Kali Beatty Last Updated: July 16, 2019

Kaitlynn Bickerstaff and Jenna Picciola have at least a few things in common. Both have lived in Valparaiso long-term—Picciola for more than 15 years, and Bickerstaff for her entire life. Both are approaching their year-anniversary with Brilliant Results Cleaning Service LLC, and both have nothing but praise for the company. As one of four two-person teams, the pair make a good match.

“It’s nice—you get really close with whoever you’re working with,” Bickerstaff said. “And you get a really good system down [with your teammate] so you can be more efficient.”

“We got paired well together,” Picciola said. “All of the teams are pretty good friends.”

Bickerstaff and Picciola love the ability to have a flexible schedule and a consistent change in scenery.

“I was formerly a cashier, and being in the same place for eight hours was hard, so I wanted different changes in scenery,” Picciola said. “I’m never anywhere for more than two and a half hours, three if it’s a move-out.”

“It’s really flexible if you need a day off or have to go do something. Mike is able to work around it,” Bickerstaff said. “And you get to be out and about and not stuck somewhere.”

Bickerstaff and Picciola also praised Mike Dec, the owner of Brilliant Results Cleaning Service. 

“Mike does a good job checking in to make sure that we are doing well,” Bickerstaff said. “He makes sure your team works well together and if you have any complaints, he works through them with you.”

“Mike meets everyone every week to make sure the teams are keeping the clients happy,” Picciola said. “It’s nice.”

Brilliant Results Cleaning Service was established back in December of 2009 as a part-time office cleaning business and launched into a full-time residential and commercial cleaning service in May of 2011. The company offers repeat home cleaning services, one-time cleaning sessions, move-in/out home cleanings, and new home, post-construction cleaning. 

“We go out in crews of two or three, and we service between three and five locations a day,” Picciola said. 

“Offices, too, sometimes,” Bickerstaff added. “Some of the houses we go to either own companies or other companies hear about us and request our services.”

Brilliant Results offers cleaning services either monthly, biweekly, weekly, or can arrange a schedule that fits the client’s desires. 

“We got a good group of girls,” Bickerstaff said. “When we’re around each other, it’s not work—it’s just like family and friends.”

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