A Cavanaugh & Nondorf Orthodontics Employee Spotlight: Amy Formenti & Whitney Anderson

A Cavanaugh & Nondorf Orthodontics Employee Spotlight: Amy Formenti & Whitney Anderson

*Editor’s note: As of May 12, 2020, Cavanaugh & Nondorf Orthodontics is occupying every other chair to provide a safe social distance between patients.

Amy Formenti and Whitney Anderson, orthodontic assistants at Cavanaugh & Nondorf Orthodontics, have many things in common, including their love of creating the perfect patient experience with braces.

Each day, Formenti and Anderson spend their time prepping patients to see their respective orthodontist. They also assist orthodontists in adjusting, tightening, applying, or taking braces off; taking impressions for molds to create retainers; and taking X-rays, pictures, and more. But the most important part of the job, according to each of them, is creating a positive and upbeat environment for Cavanaugh & Nondorf patients.

“I have a ton of fun at work. I love interacting with patients and my coworkers while creating a friendly and up-beat environment for our patients and staff,” Anderson said. “We’re always thinking of new ways to create excitement in the office.”

“It’s always such a positive environment, and I felt this the very first day I interviewed,” Formenti said. “I love this job, and I enjoy going to work every single day. I’m a very easygoing and friendly person, so this office is a perfect fit for me.”

Although a truly rewarding experience, the braces journey may be stressful for some. Formenti and Anderson work hard to alleviate this stress and ensure their patients feel comfortable and positive while in their care.

“You have to put yourself in their shoes and do what you can to make them feel comfortable and less nervous,” Anderson said. “There’s a lot of room for fun in orthodontics, so I like to shed some light on those aspects of the journey.”

Whitney Anderson, Cavanaugh & Nondorf Orthodontics

In addition, educating patients on the process is just as important.

“I really enjoy educating patients on why braces are important and listing off good things that come out of braces other than just the cosmetic perks,” Anderson said. “For example, the straighter your teeth are, the easier it is to keep them clean, and having an even bite can save you from having more dental work done later in life.”

Watching patients go full circle is something both Formenti and Anderson love.

“In my own personal braces experience, I wanted braces because I felt self-conscience about my smile. So when I see patients come in with similar feelings, I can relate and reassure them that their smile goals will be reached and that they’re going to feel so much more confidence because of their new and improved smiles,” Formenti said.

When the day finally comes for a patient to get their braces off, the entire office enjoys taking part in the celebration.

“I love seeing their big ol’ smiles and their confidence boost, it’s such a transformation. It may seem like a small thing, but the difference can be so huge in their lives,” Formenti said.

Amy Formenti, Cavanaugh & Nondorf Orthodontics

Outside of work, Formenti enjoys spending time with her family and partaking in church activities. She serves as president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints’ girls youth group, which gives her the perfect balance alongside raising her three boys.

“I’ve been involved with the youth groups for about four years. The time I spend with the girls definitely gives me a great escape from all of the testosterone in my house,” Formenti laughed. “I get to do hair and girl talk. I love my boys, but I also love the balance this group has given me.”

For Anderson, most time outside of work is spent with her 4-year-old son taking walks and getting fresh air.

Looking forward, both Formenti and Anderson hope to be with Cavanaugh & Nondorf for years to come and continue serving patients to the best of their abilities.

“In the near future I hope to become a certified orthodontics assistant and work to become as efficient as I can within my role,” Formenti said.

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