A Centier Bank Team Spotlight: Human Resources

A Centier Bank Team Spotlight: Human Resources

Year after year, Centier Bank is recognized as one of the best places to work in the state by numerous organizations and publications such as the Indiana Chamber of Commerce and American Banker daily trade newspaper. The company’s vision is to provide its associates with a caring culture that inspires them to perform at their best—both in their professional and personal lives-throughout their careers at Centier and beyond. The force guiding that vision is a pioneering Human Resources Development team.

“We’re here to serve our associates and the culture of the company,” said Chrisanne Christ, Senior Partner, Human Resource Development at Centier Bank. “The way our organization is structured, our associates are at the top.”

Culture is key at Centier, where the core values of caring, loyalty, integrity, friendship, and fun are guiding tenants when interacting with clients and colleagues.

“Some might walk in and say, ‘Gosh, it feels like Disney here,’” said Michelle Maravilla, Vice President, Human Resources Manager at Centier Bank. “We encourage positivity and energy throughout the day. When you come to work, you’re able to get away from stresses that might be going on at home to be at a place that brings you happiness and joy.”

Some associates participate in Centier’s Culture Club, which organizes social and philanthropic events for the company’s associates, to encourage team building within the departments. Events include chili cook-offs, pumpkin carving contests, and a random act of kindness activity that recognizes all the little things associates do each day.

“It’s about connecting with and serving our associates,” Maravilla said. “It’s making sure their needs are met, and if they’re not, it’s finding what services and tools we can access to help them. It’s a Servant Heart Culture that starts from the very top, so that is the expectation throughout the organization.”

Christ and the HR team are always looking for new ways to serve associates, and Centier accordingly offers an extensive list of benefits that regularly expands and changes. One of the most unique is the on-site clinic, OurHealth, which offers all part-time or full-time Centier associates and their family members older than 6 years old comprehensive care. OurHealth conducts both primary and acute care, on-site lab work, and prescription service, at no cost to them.

“If you see something out there and think, ‘I’d really like us to have that at Centier,’ we’ll try to bring you that opportunity,” Maravilla said. “It’s bringing things like family-friendly benefits and work-life balance that help shape your day-to-day career and life in a way you won’t find anywhere else.”

Where other companies might have a break room with a microwave and refrigerator, Centier offers a full dining experience in its Café. Fully staffed with a talented and compassionate crew, the Café becomes a core part of daily life for many associates at Centier’s Corporate Centre.

“We have really high expectations for our service, not just to our clients, but to each other,” Christ said. “So the café was designed to be an oasis where you can get away from the day. It’s like ‘Cheers’ in there—where everybody knows your name. The hospitality team knows what associates, and even about their families. You can get away from your tough day and be embraced by this wonderful family.”

Professional development is just as important as personal success to many associates, and Centier works to create an ideal environment for building a career.

“There are lots of opportunities. Associates build their resumes from entry-level positions to management roles,” Maravilla said. “We have operations, departmental support, management opportunities, and all of these are centered right here in the Region.”

Centier has grown its Talent Development Department, which works with associates to build skills that match the needs of an ever-changing industry, allowing for career and personal growth.

“We saw the need to create more career and learning paths for our associates,” said Dan Gibson, Talent Development Manager at Centier Bank. “This is so important because nowadays, with disruptive technologies, we need to be ready for the future. More than anything we want to make sure our people are growing and developing here at Centier.”

Christ summarized the HR Department’s goal in one simple way: to make sure that Centier associates are never left without a helping hand. This is especially reflective in the department’s CARE Fund/Program, which is organized through associate donations, fundraising events, and other means. The fund serves as a “safety net” that associates can turn to when times are tough.

“When you fall on hard times, often there is nowhere to turn, and we want to make sure our associates never feel alone during any difficult times—especially those that impact them financially,” Christ said. “In the instance an associate suddenly has to pay for a funeral for a loved one, or any other curve balls life throws at them in which they are not financially capable, they can request funds from CARE completely confidentially to help them through that rough time.”

“We are very purposeful in making sure that we’re covering all the different needs associates could have,” she said. “We try to think of everything someone might go through in the course of their career here. You might start as a single person, have children, get married, have medical situations, and support elderly parents, all the way through your retirement. We try to cover the whole life spectrum.”

To learn more about Centier Bank and all of the career opportunities they offer at www.centier.com/careers/.