A CENTURY 21 Alliance Group Agent Spotlight: Jennifer Luce

A CENTURY 21 Alliance Group Agent Spotlight: Jennifer Luce

For new CENTURY 21 Alliance Group real estate agent Jennifer Luce, her path into real estate was the perfect fit. A successful career with her husband, a contractor, flipping houses offered valuable skills and experience in the housing industry, leading her to take the steps towards being a real estate agent. 

“I’ve been a real estate agent for about a year now,” Luce said. “After flipping numerous houses, I learned a lot about selling homes and decided I should sell our own flips.  Once I got started as an agent, I realized I really enjoy this job and have been able to expand into helping many clients."

Luce’s knowledge of the industry, along with her experience as both buyer and seller allowed her to develop a deep understanding of what clients want and need not only in a home but also in a realtor. 

“The best part of this job is the connection you have with your clients,” Luce said. “You learn about their lives, their family, and really get to know them as people as you go through the process. It’s rewarding in the end because each time, you feel as if you're helping family.” 

Luce did not suspect her first year would go the way that it has due to COVID-19, but she is grateful she experienced it with CENTURY 21. 

“We became remote not long after I started, and it would have been even more difficult if I didn’t have such great communication with everyone I work with,” she said. “I would have been lost at the beginning if I couldn’t call Jeanne or the office staff and have them pick up right away.  They have been incredibly helpful.” 

Luce's love for houses and their qualities has been vital to her successful first year. Her time building up a house to make it someone’s dream home gave her a unique and accurate insight into a home’s worth. 

“I can walk with my clients as we tour a home and give them accurate estimates of what flooring would cost and other potential in the house that could give them added value down the road,” Luce said. “To be able to find a house and really think about what kind of potential it has in the future, showing you whether it is a good investment or not.” 

Luce’s knowledge in the industry has rubbed off on her oldest son, who recently bought his first home, much to Luce’s excitement. 

“He made that investment and it’s really worked out for him.  It goes to show that home ownership is attainable for a lot of people.  Sometimes it just takes having someone there to help advise you.” she said. 

Luce spends her spare time with her husband and seven children. The family of nine’s quarantine involved sprucing up their backyard with a deck and enjoying their time in the outdoors whenever they get the chance. 

For more information, please visit https://www.century21.com/.