A Century 21 Alliance Group Employee Spotlight: Michelle Devine

A Century 21 Alliance Group Employee Spotlight: Michelle Devine
By: Julia Demma Last Updated: March 29, 2019

Born and raised in Western Canada, Michelle Devine, commercial and residential real estate agent at Century 21 Alliance Group, came a long way from home to have her stars align in Valparaiso. Devine moved to Indiana in 1995 and ventured to the Valparaiso area in 2015. She wanted to become involved and integrated in the diverse and lively Valparaiso life while still being close to her daughters.

“I like the feel of Valparaiso. It has a family environment, a contemporary environment, and a ton of options for entertainment. It’s just a very diverse little city that is continually growing,” said Devine.

One thing that drew her to Century 21 Alliance Group was the opportunity to do business in both residential and commercial real estate.

“My co-workers and I have very similar values and perspectives on the ability to go out and make your own way. There are so many options and the sky can be the limit no matter what your background. Everyone has been very inviting and welcoming, and I feel like I’ve found my niche here,” Devine said.

Devine says what first drew her to real-estate was the fact that no deal is ever the same.

“I’m always meeting different people, checking out different products, and I never know what’s going to happen next. The fun and excitement of creating something for a client is so thrilling to me. The diverse nature of every deal always keeps me on my toes,” Devine said.

Aside from her work at Century 21, Devine donates her time to the Valparaiso Chamber of Commerce. She has been an ambassador for the chamber for about three months.

“At the Chamber, I’m surrounded by such a great group of people who have really helped me and other community members feel integrated into the city. There’s a good feeling in getting involved in something. This community feels like another family outside of my own,” Devine said.

Her favorite aspect of working as an ambassador for the Valparaiso Chamber of Commerce is witnessing the ribbon cutting ceremonies and welcoming new businesses into the community.

“By giving, you can receive. I like to give because it makes me feel good to help someone else and I appreciate others who have helped me. Making people feel included is a very powerful thing. No matter the scope, whether you are on a playground or a welcoming a new business into town, making someone feel welcome and included is a blessing and it’s something we can do very easily,” Devine said.

Devine is also a long-time supporter of the Rotary Foundation, a non-profit aimed at advancing world understanding, goodwill, and peace through the improvement of health, the support of education, and the alleviation of poverty. The foundation has been close to her heart for about 25 years and Devine is still very much involved in the Rotary Club of Valparaiso.

Devine’s hobbies and interests don’t stop there. She also is certified in teaching yoga and will resume classes out of her home when the weather becomes consistently warmer. For more information on the classes Devine offers, visit The Yoga Place on Facebook.

“Yoga is a beautiful thing. It’s very calming and helps recharge and find inner peace. It’s almost like a breath of fresh air for me and I really enjoy doing and teaching it,” Devine said.

Although Devine is fairly new to Century 21 Alliance Group, and the city of Valparaiso, she feels as though she has found balance in her life. Looking forward, Devine hopes to continue to make connections in the community and grow with Century 21 Alliance Group.

“I hope to nurture the relationships that I have already developed while making more in the process. I look forward to continue working with many different people and getting my face out there in the community,” she said.

Devine would also like to thank Nick Sommer, whom she works closely with in commercial real estate.

“I feel so happy that I get to work at such a comfortable workplace. I appreciate working for a company that is so intertwined within the community. The climate of Valparaiso is very well-suited for more economic growth and it continues to diversify and grow. I’m really excited to have made a home and found my place in the community and be a part of Century 21 Alliance Group,” Devine said.