A Century 21 Employee Spotlight: Tuesday Sakovich

A Century 21 Employee Spotlight: Tuesday Sakovich

For most people, a sudden change in career path could be scary and unsettling--but for Century 21 Real Estate agent Tuesday Sakovich, a change of pace was just what she needed.

Until about a year ago, you could find Sakovich in a high school classroom at Thea Bowman Academy teaching world history. 

“I needed a change and to find passion again,” she said.

Now, you can find Sakovich out in the local real estate field working closely with her clients.

“I’m a people person. I have no problem sparking up a conversation with random people. Sometimes I’ll find myself in the grocery store hours overdue because of this trait,” Sakovich joked.

All Sakovich’s surrounding loved ones are somewhat knitted into the industry in their own ways. Her brother is in the process of obtaining his home inspection license, her boyfriend and his father own a construction company, and her parents are within the home business as well.

“Getting into the business felt like a no-brainer. I have been surrounded by working with homes for a good portion of my life, and it was the perfect next step and change of pace from teaching,” said Sakovich.

Sakovich spends most of her day connecting with clients and keeping them in the loop of things every step of the way. To her, this is absolutely the most important part of her job as a realtor.

“I always make a point to be available to my clients 24/7. I personally call my clients and hold sit-down meetings to go over every little detail. I think this goes a long way,” she explained. “They are trusting me with such a huge life decision, and I want to make sure they feel secure.”

This type of communication also helps Sakovich ultimately pick the perfect home for her clients

“You have to be as personable as possible as a realtor. You have to talk to them and walk with them through different homes in order to learn about their likes and dislikes so you can get it just right,” she said.

Sakovich pinpointed her favorite aspect of being in the real estate industry almost immediately.

“The absolute best part of my job is final walk throughs. Right as they leave, I get to hand them the keys to their brand-new home. I get to see my clients at their happiest point here and listen to them quite literally plan out their lives in front of me,” Sakovich said.

Although this process is such a joy to be a part of, buying a home is a huge life event and finding the perfect match can sometimes be a nerve-racking task for Sakovich.

“I always want to give my client the best deal and everything they could possibly want in a home. I want them to always walk away with complete happiness,” she said.

Even though Sakovich has only been in the industry for a little while, she already feels as though she has found her fit at Century 21.

“There’s a huge support system at Century 21. Being new, there are many times when I turn to my co-workers and management for guidance. They are always willing and able to help me,” Sakovich said.

Unlike many real estate work environments, Sakovich mentioned she has never felt as though she is competing with her fellow co-workers for a client or sale. In fact, she has even taken on new clients who were referred to her by others in the office.

“We all want each other to succeed, and we help each other be successful anytime we can.”

When Sakovich isn’t working, she enjoys going “Glamping” in Winamac, Ind. with her friends, boyfriend, and 8-year-old son.

Sakovich would like to thank her mom for always being supportive of her, especially during her recent career transition from being a teacher to becoming a real estate agent. 

Looking forward, Sakovich hopes to build her clientele and become more immersed in the business of Real Estate with century 21.

To get in touch with Tuesday Sakovich, visit https://www.century21.com/CENTURY-21-Alliance-Group-5861c/Tuesday-Sakovich-7394707a.