A Culver’s of Valparaiso Employee Spotlight: Sam Yourich

A Culver’s of Valparaiso Employee Spotlight: Sam Yourich

It’s not too often you come across a workplace that feels just as secure as your own home. Sam Yourich, Crew Chief at Culver’s of Valparaiso, felt this sense of comfort as soon as he stepped through the Culver’s doors for the first time.

Yourich is a senior at Washington Township High School. He joined the Culver’s family about two years ago and was promoted to Crew Chief in August.  

“Being promoted was awesome. It was really great to see that all of my hard work with the company was paying off,” Yourich said.

You can find Yourich behind the counter about four days a week. His daily duties include helping other employees when needed, keeping things in order, and resolving minor problems that don’t need a manager’s attention.

“As soon as I clock in, I make sure to say hi to everyone and ask how they are. I help my co-workers whenever they need me, that’s my priority,” Yourich said. “We all work together as a team, and I know they will always have my back.”

From time to time, Yourich and his co-workers eat at local restaurants to hang out and spend time together outside of work.

“It’s like a big family over at Culver’s. Every time you walk in, it feels very warm and welcoming,” he said.

Although Yourich has plans for Union apprenticeships after graduation, he intends to stick around with Culver’s for as long as his schedule allows.

“I feel like Culver’s is a good fit for me because there’s so much to learn and it’s a very interactive environment. One of my favorite things about the job is getting to interact with customers,” Yourich said.

He especially enjoys engaging with the regular customers.

“Usually, they order the same thing, and I remember their orders almost every time. But every now and then, they try something different and it’s just a fun interaction to have during the day,” he said.

In his free time, Yourich likes to spend time with his parents and friends. He also enjoys riding four wheelers around his spacious property.

Looking forward, Yourich hopes to continue proving his dedicated work ethic.

“This job has really allowed me to set down a great foundation for beginning my future and getting myself out into the workforce. I get to really show how hard-working and driven I am.”

His experience and friendships made at Culver’s have made the hard work worthwhile.

“There’s such a friendly environment at Culver’s, and I couldn’t ask for a more fitting workplace. If someone’s in a bad mood, everyone comes together to cheer him or her up. We really do band together,” Yourich said.

His favorite meal at Culver’s? Yourich said he has it down to a science: a cranberry bacon bleu salad, no cranberries, with two sides of bleu cheese dressing, accompanied by two orders of fries—one regular, one cheese.

For more information about Culver’s https://www.culvers.com/.